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National News

1. The remaining Kuki family in Imphal claim they were evicted forcibly

  • Approximately 300 tribal Kuki-Zo households, who had previously resided in the New Lambulane neighborhood, a few miles from the Chief Minister's mansion, progressively withdrew after the outbreak of ethnic violence on May 3, with the exception of five families, totaling 24 members, who remained.
  • One of them, S. Prim Vaiphei, 78, stated, "We encountered resistance from all directions. The Kukis and Meitei both disliked our presence and wanted us to go. We repeatedly received demands from security personnel to relocate. But late on Friday, they showed up at our door and demanded that we leave the property right away.

2. Baghel Govt. Is a neck-deep PM in corruption, says Shah

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday launched an 'Aarop Patra' [charge sheet or a catalog of allega- tions] against the Bhupesh Baghel Congress government in Chhattisgarh alleging that it was deeply entrenched in corruption, dynastic politics, and casteism.
  • The people of Chhattisgarh have to decide whether they want the Bagheled government which indulges in corruption to the tune of thousands of crores or the BJP government which is going to lead them on the path of development. The people of Chhattisgarh have to decide whether they want the government that came to power on the promise of protecting tribal rights but allowed a wave of religious conversions to be unleashed," he said. The BJP leader also targeted the state government over unfulfilled promises.
  • "He made 36 big promises- es and 19 of them remain unfulfilled. Among the smaller ones, 316 still remain unfulfilled. Let them publish a list of unfulfilled promises. Even if they don't, we have published the complete list of your false promises in our 'Aarop Patra'," said Mr. Shah.

3. From 3rd September, G-20 Sherpas will participate in the penultimate round of pre-summit negotiations

  • The G-20 leaders' main negotiators, the Sherpas and Sous Sherpas, will gather from September 3 to September 6 at a resort outside of Delhi close to Manesar to discuss the details of the "joint communique" that will be made public on September 9 and 10 following the conclusion of the 18th G-20 summit.
  • We shall come to an agreement on all topics pertaining to growth and development as well as all of our top priorities. We shall be balanced, upbeat, constructive, and ambitious. In the next two decades, the majority of the world's growth will come from the Global South, and our proclamation will represent that voice, he told The Hindu on Saturday. 
  • It is not always possible for every leader to attend every summit in the modern world because there are so many demands on their time, official sources said, on the record, in a written response to media reports about the absence of some countries at the Heads of State/Heads of Government (HOS/HOG) levels.

State news

4. AAP government lacks responsibility and is run through social media: L-G

  • Vinai Kumar Saxena, the lieutenant governor of Delhi, attacked the Aam Aadmi Party government on Saturday, stating that it is governed through social media and that its ministers did not show up for meetings held to discuss preparations for the G-20 Summit. 
  • L-G claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government lacked a "sense of responsibility." and that if it had operated effectively during its term, it would not have been forced to begin a protracted campaign for the city's beautification.
  • "We wouldn't have needed to start a protracted campaign to make the city more beautiful if they had been functioning correctly throughout the previous 89 years. Delhi's appearance would have totally changed. • After their initial meeting in November of last year, Mr. Saxena claimed that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his Ministers failed to show up for meetings scheduled for preparations for the G-20 Summit. 
  • "We discussed several plans and projects, but after that, nobody ever showed up for meetings. They don't have a sense of ownership or accountability, he claimed.
  • I don't do my work for pay. In the previous two months, I have spent 54 days on the ground Overseeing each project carefully. He added that he is not bothered by the credit argument and that if they want to claim credit, it is their prerogative. "My mission and aim are fixed," he continued.

5. CM: Had BJP in MCD completed its work, it would have required less effort.

  • Follow Lieutenant-Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena's statement to reporters that preparations for the summit would have required less work had the Aam Aadmi Party worked diligently during its nine years in the Delhi government, Mr. Kejriwal made his comments on X (previously Twitter).
  • "If MCD had operated for 15 years under the BJP, fewer efforts would have been needed. MCD is responsible for cleaning Delhi. Since we took over MCD, we are all working extremely hard. After 13 years, MCD employees are finally receiving their paychecks on schedule. All of them have motivation. They are working really arduously. Let's not undervalue their work, the CM wrote in his article. 

6. Operation Gaja brings attention to the kumkis in Chittoor

  • At first light on August 30, a lone wild elephant murdered roughly ten cows and badly injured three other villagers while trampling a farming couple to death.
  • The Kappan Forest Range was transported using unique trucks. 
  • On Wednesday, the search for the wild elephant persisted all day long without yielding any results. By Thursday morning, rumors were going around.
  • Then, a few Idiom-meters away in the Tamil Nadu village of Bodi Nettam, an elephant was slain by a female farmer, verifying the location to somewhere within a range of Idiometres. 
  • Then representatives of the Forest Department set up a Trupati Cute camera.
  • The two pumpkins leaped into acceptability under the direction of the extremely skilled est Mahouts. The wild jumbo struggled mightily for several hours to escape the forest rangers and the pursuing kumkis. Finally, a tranquilizer dart was fired at the worn-out elephant as it was standing beneath a tree. The two kumkis finished their assignment in a short amount of time. The tranquilized tusker was caught. 

7. The Cauvery issue will be brought to Delhi by an all-party delegation: CM

  • Karnataka has been ordered by the Cauvery Water Management Authority (CWMA) to provide 5,000 cubic feet per second of water per day to Tamil Nadu for the next 15 days starting on August 29.
  • Speaking on the subject, Mr. Siddaramaiah claimed that the Cauvery command region was in a crisis due to a lack of rainfall. But he added that drinking water should be prioritised in in accordance with our water policy. 

Complaint news

8. Naresh Goyal is sent to ED custody by the court on September 11

  • Naresh Goyal, the founder and chairman of Jet Airways (India) Limited, was ordered on Saturday by a special court in Mumbai to remain in Enforcement Directorate (ED) custody until September 11 in connection with an alleged 538.62 crore bank loan fraud. 
  • Mr. Goyal was called into the Mumbai office by the ED on Friday to record his statement. On Saturday, Mr. Goyal was brought before the court for the Special Prevention of Money Laundering Act. 
  • For 14 days, the ED has been requesting his custody. 
  • A case filed by the CBI in May forms the basis for the ED investigation. Business Mr. Goyal, his wife Anita Naresh Goyal and Gaurang Ananda Shethy were named as defendants. According to the allegations, the company was initially granted a working capital limit of 126 crore and a 100 crore limit for inland letters of credit and financial bank guarantees for various uses. In addition to the 17.52 crore short-term loan, it also obtained 400 crore as a term loan for operational expenses and 200 crore for aircraft reconfiguration, the launch of new routes, business development, and other related activities.
  • According to FIR, the company began alleging in August 2018 that it was having liquidity problems and was unable to meet its payment obligations. 

9. In the Balasore train tragedy case, the CBI has filed a complaint against three detained railway employees. 

  • Arun Kumar Mahanta, a Senior Sectional Engineer (Signal) who worked in Balasore, Mohammed Amir Khan, a Sectional Engineer who then moved to Soro, and technician Pappu Kumar, who worked in Balasore, are among those charged. 
  • An investigation team discovered that the Signal and Telecom workers had failed to notice a wiring issue at a location box close to the Bazaar railway station. In its report, the Commission of Railway Safety stated that various "lapses in the sig- nalling-circuit-alteration" at the north signal cabin of Bahanaga Bazar railway station were to blame for the rear crash.

Indian polity

10. Adhir declines to serve on the panel for "one nation, one election"

  • However, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, a Lok Sabha leader for the Congress, rejected to serve on the committee. He admitted to The Hindu that the media was how he found out about his participation.
  • The Panel was requested by the Centre to provide its recommendations as soon as possible. Amit Shah, the home minister, former Rajya Sabha Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad, and former Finance Commission 
  • Arjun Ram Meghwal, minister of law, will be a special invitee to the committee meetings. Niten Chandra, the legal affairs secretary, will serve as its secretary.
  • The announcement cited the Law Commission's 170th report, which stated that "the cycle of elections every year should be put to an end." "We must return to the situation where the elections for the Lok Sabha and all of the Legislative Assemblies are held at once. It is true that we cannot conceive or provide for all the situations and eventualities that may arise whether on account of the use of Article 356 (which of course has substantially decreased since the Supreme Court's decision in S.R. Bommai v Union of India), or for other reasons; nonetheless, the holding of a separate election to the Lok Sabha. 

11. PM Modi can't order any probe against Adani, says Rahul 

  • Claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi can never order any inquiry against the Adani Group as it "will not put the Adani Group in trouble, but else" someone else 
  • Mr. Gandhi made these remarks at an event in Nava Raipur's mela ground to felicitate members of the Rajiv Yuva Mitan Club in poll-bound Chhattisgarh. The club is an initiative of Bhupesh Baghel-led government to involve the youth in the promotion of local sports and culture.
  • Rahul asserts that PM Modi cannot order an investigation into Adani. 
  • asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is powerless to initiate an investigation on the Adani Group since doing so, "won't get the Adani Group in trouble, but someone else." 
  • These comments were made by Mr. Gandhi at a ceremony honoring Rajiv Yuva Mitan Club members of Chhattisgarh, a state that has in upcoming elections, on Nava Raipur's mela grounds. The club is a project of the Bhupesh Baghel-led administration to get young people involved in promoting local sports and culture. 

Science and Technology News

12. According to ISRO, Pragyan has finished its tasks and has been safely parked and put into sleep mode.

  • Chandrayaan-3 Mission: The Rover successfully fulfilled its tasks. It is now securely parked and in the sleeping position. Payloads for APXS and LIBS are disabled. Lander transmits data from these payloads to Earth," the space agency wrote in a post on X (previously Twitter).
  • The solar panel is positioned to collect light at the upcoming sunrise, which is anticipated to occur on September 22, and the battery is fully charged.

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