Current Affairs | National | International | SSC | UPSC - 5th September 2023

National News

1. Government Implements Stricter Regulations for SIM Card Sales

  • The Indian government has made clear moves to improve the country's SIM card purchase process' security and safety. With the intention of regulating and enhancing the procedure, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has released two essential circulars, one directed at individual SIM card users and the other at telecom providers like Airtel and Jio.
  • SIM card retailers are required to thoroughly vet all of their staff members. Each non-compliant establishment could face fines of up to 10 lakhs for failing to follow this legislation. On October 1, 2023, these regulations go into force. The deadline for existing stores to comply with the new criteria is September 30, 2024.

2. Naval Commanders' Conference 2023's second iteration kicks off in New Delhi

  • The Naval Commanders' Conference 2023's second iteration got underway in New Delhi. The conference's goal is to provide top government officials with a structured forum for dialogue between naval commanders with a focus on advancing various inter-ministerial initiatives designed to ensure a safe and secure maritime environment.
  • The conference is the most important biannual gathering, allowing naval commanders to discuss and formulate policies.
  • The senior leadership of the Indian Navy will examine the main operational, material, logistical, training, and administrative tasks carried out over the previous six months during the three-day conference, which will be held in a hybrid format. 

3. Ready to assess the capacity of C 13 hill States, govt. tells SC

  • Frequent landslides leading to deaths and destruction had led the Supreme Court to moot a reevaluation of the load-carrying capacity of hill towns and cities. 
  • The Environment Ministry, represented by Additional Solicitor-General Aishwarya Bhati, filed a short affidavit stressing that it was "imperative that factual aspects of each hill station specifically are identified and collected with the help of local authorities cutting across multiple disciplines". 
  • It circulated among the 13 Himalayan States guidelines for assessing the carrying capacity of their hill stations, including cities and eco-sensitive zones.

4. Transfer Nuh Probe to Judge HC: Holiday

  • At least six people were killed in violence that broke out in Nuh during the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra of Vishwa Hindu Parish and then spread to the neighboring districts of Gururgram, Faridabad and Palwal. 
  • The state government concealed its failures by making baseless accusations against the leaders of the National Assembly,†Ahmad said at a press conference. 

International News

5. Literature Festival Concludes In Lalitpur, Nepal 

  • The lively and culturally enlightening three-day Kathmandu-Kalinga Literary Festival in Lalitpur, Nepal, has come to an end. The festival functioned as a forum for the exchange of culture in South Asia and promoted literary and cultural endeavors there. It was launched by Nepal's Minister for Foreign Affairs, NP Saud. 
  • The festival featured a wide variety of artistic mediums, including poetry, music, dance, and other literary and performing arts. This wide variety of offerings promoted a deeper understanding of the South Asian cultural mosaic and promoted cross-national artistic cooperation.

6. GDP-centric view changing to human-centric one

  • The G-20, which accounts for 85% of the world's GDP, has become the most significant economic grouping. What do you think will be its biggest difficulty when you hand the presidency over to Brazil.
  • The Solar Alliance was founded by you a few years ago. You are now suggesting a biofuel alliance, which we anticipate you will announce at the G-20. What is the goal and how will it improve energy security for import-dependent nations like India.
  • The locations of some of the gatherings drew criticism from some of our neighbors. What message did we convey by inviting international leaders to the G-20 in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh despite Pakistan's and China's protests. 

7. Nobel Foundation Reverses Decision to Invite Russian Ambassador 

  • The Russian Ambassador had been invited to attend this year's Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm, but the Nobel Foundation has decided to revoke that invitation. This choice was made following a heated debate about their initial invitation. 
  • Due to the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine, the Nobel Foundation made a significant decision in 2022 to not invite the ambassadors from Russia and Belarus to the Stockholm award ceremony. Similar judgments were made in relation to the Iranian representative, citing Iran's repression of rallies. 
  • The Nobel Foundation made it clear that their goal was to make the principles and ideas represented by the Nobel Prize as widely known as possible. They thought it was crucial to keep an inclusive mindset. However, the response from the general public eclipsed this message. 

8. New Covid version 'Pirola' sparked alarm in numerous nations 

  • In light of the resurgence of COVID-19 instances in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in China, a new variant known as "Pirola" has experts concerned. The New York Times claims that this variety is also known as BA.2.86. 
  • The variation was first discovered in the US in April 2023 after being discovered in China in February 2023. On July 24, a patient in Denmark was recognized for the first time as having a virus-related disease. 
  • Dr. Scott Roberts, an infectious pathologist, claimed that this variant's spike protein contains over 30 changes that enable it to penetrate and infect human cells.
  • Dr. Roberts said, "When we went from XBB.1.5 to EG.5, it was probably one or two mutations. But these massive changes, which we also saw from Delta and Omicron, are worrying." Earlier, a new variant of Coronavirus emerged Eiris and EG5.1, which is spreading rapidly in Britain. 


  • According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Pirola version has been found in Israel, Canada, Denmark, the UK, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Thailand. 
  • The coronavirus enters human cells due to spike protein. Once a virus enters the human body, its genetic material - RNA or DNA - enters the cells and starts making copies that can infect other cells. Whenever there is an error during the copy process, it triggers a mutation.

9. For the first time, microplastic was found in clouds by Japanese researchers

  • Japanese scientists recently made a ground-breaking discovery when they discovered microplastic for the first time in clouds. This finding raises questions about how these tiny plastic particles may have an adverse effect on the climate and public health. 
  • This finding provides the first documented evidence of microplastics' existence in clouds, which has been a source of growing concern due to potential consequences on the marine environment in recent years.
  • The Washeda University study team, under the direction of Professor Hiroshi Okochi and others, reportedly studied 44 samples of water taken from clouds on Mount Fuji's summit and Mount Tanja-Oyama's summit to the west of the foothills and Yokohama. 
  • Following sample analysis, the team discovers a total of 70 microplastic particles that may be divided into nine different categories. Small plastic particles, less than 5 millimetres, are known as microplastics. Microplastic contamination in clouds has the potential to alter the climate and endanger human health. 
  • Microplastic in the Environment has pledged to keep up the research in order to fully understand the subtleties of these ground-breaking findings.

10. India created the Arogya Maitri Cube, the first mobile hospital in the world

  • The world's first disaster/portable hospital, known as the "Arogya Maitri Cube," was developed by India and can be flown in 72 cubes. Project Bhishma's "Arogya Maitri Cube" was created as part of the India Health Initiative Project and released in February 2022. 
  • In conjunction with a conference of the G20 Health Ministers, the initiative was officially unveiled in August 2023 at the Medtech Expo in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. 
  • The "Arogya Maitri" project, under which India will deliver essential medical supplies to any poor countries stricken by a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis, was announced by Prime Minister Modi during the Global South Summit in January of this year. 
  • An Arogya Maitri Cube is being prepared to donate to Sri Lanka, while India has already gifted two as a gesture of goodwill to Myanmar. The government's nodal organization for sourcing Arogya Maitri Cube for HLL Life Care. 

"Arogya Maitri Cube" 

  • Making 72 cube boxes will only cost less than Rs 2.5 crore. It would have easily cost one million dollars if it has not been entirely a made-in-India product. Anywhere in the nation, this wholly indigenous hospital may be constructed in about 8 minutes. 
  • The kit includes a portable generator, including one powered by solar panels, and all of the device is rechargeable. It has the ability to treat 100 patients right away for a period of 48 hours. 
  • These cubes can withstand a number of severe wounds, such as 40 bullet wounds, 25 significant bleeding, 25 significant burns, roughly 10 head injuries, lengthy organ fractures, spinal injuries, chest injuries, and spinal injuries. It contains a surgery room, a small ICU, a ventilator, blood testing tools, an X-ray machine, a cooking station, food, water, a place to stay, a power generator, and more.

11. The recognizable "Hatta Sign" from Dubai Holdings earns the Guinness World Record title for "Tallest Landmark Sign"

  • The recognizable "Hatta Sign" from Dubai Holdings earns the title of "Tallest Landmark Sign" in the Guinness World Records. This towering building, which stands 19.28 meters tall and overlooks Mount Hajar, is a symbol of Hatta, one of the most picturesque region in the United Arab Emirates. 
  • The iconic Hollywood sign, which stands 13.7 meters tall, cannot be compared to the Hatta sign in height. The Hollywood sign and the Hatta sign both illuminate the night sky. Guinness World Records achievement will draw attention to the Hatta region on a global scale. 
  • The record-breaking Hatta Sign, which Dubai Holding's Hatta Resorts is getting ready to unveil for the start of its upcoming sixth season, will be a well-known landmark that offers guests a distinctive setting for memorable photos. 
  • In addition to ziplining, mountain biking, rock climbing, zorbing, archery, and axe throwing, Hatta Resorts Wadi Hub also offers other adventure sports.

12. Vistara and Air India merger has been approved by CCI

  • The merger of Tata SIA Airlines and Air India has been given the go-ahead by the Competition Commission of India (CCI), with some restrictions.
  • As part of this historic merger, Singapore Airlines (SIA) will also acquire shares of the combined company, Air India, subject to certain voluntary agreements.
  • The Tata Group and Singapore Airlines have partnered to form TSAL (Tata SIA Airlines Limited), with the former owning 51% and the latter holding 49%
  • In connection with the merger, SIA would also contribute Rs 2,059 crore to Air India. After the consolidation, SIA will own 25.1% of Air India.
  • Due to the merger, Air India will become both the largest domestic and international airline in India. 

About the Competition Commission of India (CCI) 

  • The 2002 Competition Act established the CCI. 
  • The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is responsible for it. 
  • It encourages healthy marketplace competition and forbids actions that harm that competitiveness in India. 
  •  In order to prevent the two merging firms from unduly dominating the market, CCI also approves mergers and acquisitions of companies in India. 
  • Central office: New Delhi
  • Ravneet Kaur, the chairman

13. Chinese President will not attend Delhi G-20 summit

  • China's Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that President Xi Jinping will for the first time skip a G-20 summit, with the Chinese Premier and second-ranked leader Li Qiang instead deputed to attend the September 9-10 meet in New Delhi. 
  • As the world economy experiences more downward pressure and challenges grow for global sustainable development, it is important that the G-20, being the premier forum for international economic cooperation, strengthen partnerships and rise up to the big challenges facing the global economy and development so as to contribute to world economic recovery and growth and global sustainable development," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said.

Sports News

14. Cristiano Ronaldo scores 850 goals, becoming the only player in football history to do so

  • On September 2, 2023, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 850th goal in his career during a 5-1 victory over Al-Hazm in the Saudi Pro League. Lionel Messi now trails Ronaldo by 34 goals in the scoring race. 
  • The top 5 goal scorers in football history are Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Lionel Messi (Argentina), Pelé (Brazil), and Romario (Brazil), with 850, 818, 762, and 755 goals, respectively. 
  • Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal is the top international goalscorer in men's football with 123 goals in 200 international games to date. He also holds the record for most international football hattricks with 10 to his name. 
  • The 38-year-old Ronaldo, a former Real Madrid player and Portugal's all-time greatest scorer, has scored six goals in his last three games. Ronaldo started his professional football career at Sporting CP in Portugal, but he really broke through at Premier League powerhouse Manchester United, where he also won his first Ballon d'Or.
  • After this, Spain's Real Madrid and Italian powerhouse Juventus also joined the club. Ronaldo is currently contracted with Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr. 
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, full name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, was born on February 5, 1985, in Portugal. Ronaldo was named in honor of his father's favorite film actor, Ronald Reagan, who was the US President at the time of Cristiano's birth. 
  • Following this, Real Madrid of Spain and Juventus of Italy both entered the group. Currently, Ronaldo is under contract with Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia. 
  • On February 5, 1985, in Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, real name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, was born. Ronald Reagan, who was the US President at the time of Cristiano's birth and his father's favourite actor is honoured by his name. 

Defence News

15. Navy presents roadmap for maritime infrastructure development

  • The Minister of Defense, Ajay Bhatt, announced the Maritime Infrastructure Transition Plan (MIPP), 2023-37 during the second biennial Naval Command Conference, which began on Wednesday. Two. 
  • MIPP aims to synchronize and integrate the Navy's infrastructure requirements over the next 15 years through a future master plan model. The plan document aligns with the government's vision of creating sustainable infrastructure and includes highlights to meet Prime Minister Gati Shakti's project's broader policy guidelines, potential disaster recovery, zero conversion, and many other issues," the Navy said. 
  • The IRS Rules and Regulations Guidelines for the Construction and Classification of Navy Warriors have been revised since their previous version in 2015 to reflect advances in technology and Aatmanirbharta, the Navy said.

16. IAF begins Western Air Command's annual exercise 

  • The exercise is scheduled to take place from 4 to 14 September and will confirm the operational readiness of the command and witness the use of all frontline vehicles, fighter aircraft, transport aircraft, helicopters, and other human means at high speed," a defense official said. . 
  • The exercise will be interrupted for several days, coinciding with the G20 summit, when the armed forces will be put on high alert, coinciding with the widely publicized and recognized event. threat awareness. 
  • Since the conflict with China in eastern Ladakh in May 2020 is still ongoing, the Indian military has undergone a major reorientation from Pakistan to China, and the IAF has maintained a steady pace. High. of activities. As the army was mobilized massively, the IAF deployed its entire transport fleet and transported more than 68,000 troops, 330 infantry vehicles, and more than 90 tanks along with artillery guns, as The Hindu newspaper previously reported.
  • Recently, the two sides held the 19th Round of De-escalation and Withdrawal Negotiations of the 19th Corps Commanders at the Line of Effective Control to end the stalemate, soon after from the division general to Depsang and Demchok to find the deal. exit. However, both armies continued to be deployed with considerable reinforcement on both sides.

Banking News 

17. Bad Bank’s Chairman Karnam Sekar Resigns After Proposal To Merge With IDRCL 

  • Due to differences over the organization's organizational structure and operational methods, Karnam Sekar, Chairman of the National Asset Reconstruction Company of India (NARCL), tendered his resignation. Following a proposal to combine NARCL and India Debt Resolution Company Ltd (IDRCL), this resignation was made. 
  • In accordance with the current arrangement, NARCL acts as the "principal entity" and is in charge of collecting bank bad loan accounts. IDRCL, in contrast, focuses on the loan settlement procedure and acts as a resolution agency. This split of duties could change as a result of the merger, raising questions regarding how these organizations should be best structured. 

18. Record Bank Credit Outstanding to Real Estate Reaches Rs 28 Trillion in July: RBI 

  • According to data provided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India had a huge increase in bank credit outstanding to the real estate sector in July 2023, reaching an all-time high of Rs 28 trillion. Both the residential and commercial real estate sectors, which saw yearly growth of about 37.4% and 38.1%, contributed to this excellent expansion. 
  • Despite difficulties like rising interest rates and home prices, this jump shows a strong rebound in demand across the real estate sector. 
  • The outstanding amount of housing credit grew impressively each year, topping Rs 24.28 lakh crore. Commercial real estate credit outstanding increased by 38.1% to Rs 4.07 lakh crore. 

Economy News

19. Asset Under Management Of NPS And APY Crosses Milestone Of Rs 10 Lakh Crore 

  • The combined Asset Under Management (AUM) of the National Pension System (NPS) and Atal Pension Yojana (APY) has crossed an amazing figure of Rs 10 lakh crore, said Deepak Mohanty, Chairman of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). 
  • The AUM doubled from Rs 5 lakh crore to Rs 10 lakh crore in just two years and ten months. This rapid expansion is evidence of the value and allure of NPS and APY as retirement planning solutions for people all over India.
  • The rising membership count also demonstrates how well-liked NPS and APY are. More than 6.62 crore people are currently subscribers to these schemes. This rising engagement shows that the Indian populace is becoming more aware of the significance of retirement planning. 

Important Days News

20. From September 1 to 8, the Ministry of Education honours Literacy Week

  • The Indian government has chosen to celebrate International Literacy Day by holding a literacy week from September 1 through September 8, 2023, to raise awareness of the ULLAS-Nav Bharat Saaksharta Karyakram among all stakeholders, beneficiaries, and citizens.
  • A spirit of Kartavyabodh and Janbhagidari will be instilled in each and every resident of the country during the week-long literacy campaign, which will allow for widespread participation. Increased registrations for volunteers and students on the ULLAS mobile app will be another key goal.

Summits and Conferences News

21. 43rd ASEAN Summit Begins In Jakarta Today

  • Heads of state and government attending the 43rd summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Jakarta were warmly welcomed by President Joko Widodo and First Lady Iriana. At the Plenary Hall of the Jakarta Convention Center, the summit's main location, eminent delegates gathered for the 43rd ASEAN Summit, which Indonesia hosted from September 5 to 7. 
  • The 43rd ASEAN Summit got underway with a spirit of cooperation and cultural festivity. The ASEAN Anthem was sung by the assembled delegates as a sign of their unity in support of the prosperity and stability of the area. Stunning artistic performances, such as those by Aemove Dancer and Gitabumi Voices, further enhanced the summit. 
  • The presidency for this year was assumed by Indonesia under the banner "ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth." This subject highlights Indonesia's commitment to maintaining ASEAN's standing in the world and preparing the association for new challenges while fostering peace and stability in the region. 

Appointments News 

22. Cognizant India MD Rajesh Nambiar appointed as Nasscom Chairperson 

  • Rajesh Nambiar, Chairman and Managing Director, Cognizant India, has been named as the organization's new Chairperson, according to the Indian IT and tech trade group Nasscom. Nambiar will take over as the next Chairperson of the trade organization from Anant Maheshwari, a former President of Microsoft India. 
  • Nambiar succeeds Anant Maheshwari, the former president of Microsoft India, in his new position from his previous one as vice chairman. Nambiar will continue to collaborate with the nasscom Executive Council, business, and the government in order to promote India's status as a global technological hub while navigating the current unstable macro climate, together with President Debjani Ghosh. 

Agreements News 

23. Govt partners with Meta for ‘Education to Entrepreneurship’ to skill 500,000 entrepreneurs 

  • In a key step to advance India's digital capabilities, the Ministries of Education, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship have joined forces to forge a three-year agreement with Meta (formerly Facebook). 
  • This innovative program, named "Education to Entrepreneurship: Empowering a Generation of Students, Educators, and Entrepreneurs," seeks to impart critical understanding of digital marketing to both aspiring and established business owners. It is intended for a staggering 5 lakh people. 

24. BEL Inks MoU With Israel Aerospace Industries 

  • Defense Navratna: A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed between Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the top aerospace and defense corporation in Israel, and PSU Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), with the goal of fostering cooperation in order to meet India's needs for short-range air defense systems. In Bengaluru, the Memorandum of Understanding was formally signed. 
  • The "Make in India" and "Atmanirbhar Bharat" (Self-Reliant India) initiatives of the Indian government are entirely in line with the MoU between BEL and IAI. These policies place a strong emphasis on the value of local industry and defense capability self-sufficiency. BEL and IAI hope to considerably advance these national goals by combining their respective strengths and areas of expertise. 

Awards News

25. Teachers’ Day 2023, President Murmu presented National Teachers’ Award

  • At a ceremony conducted at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi and sponsored by the Department of School Education & Literacy under the Ministry of Education, President Droupadi Murmu gave awards. 
  • This year, 75 educators from across the nation were selected to earn this illustrious honor. The award's goal is to honor and celebrate teachers' extraordinary accomplishments. Its goal is to recognize those teachers who, through their unshakable devotion and dedication, have improved both the standard of instruction and the lives of their student. 

26. Satyajit Majumdar honored with Dr V G Patel Memorial Award 2023

  • The "Dr V G Patel Memorial Award-2023 for Entrepreneurship Trainer, Educator and Mentor" has been given to Mumbai Professor Satyajit Majumdar, dean of the School of Management and Labour Studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), for his work in fostering and advancing entrepreneurship in India. Patel is largely regarded as the pioneer of the Indian entrepreneurial movement. 
  • Award will be given to a professional for his/her outstanding performance/contribution in Entrepreneurship Training/Education/Mentoring/Knowledge or Technology Driven Start-Ups. Award consists of a citation and a cash prize of Rs. 100,000 Sports News 

27. Divya Deshmukh Emerges Winner Of 2023 Tata Steel Chess India Women’s Rapid Tournament

  • Divya Deshmukh is a 17-year-old Indian Grandmaster at chess who is from Nagpur, Maharashtra. won the Tata Steel Chess India competition's rapid section in the women's division. On September 1, 2023, the event was held in the National Library in Kolkata. She won all three rounds, dominating the competition. 
  • Winners of the Tata Steel Chess India Tournament by Ranking: 

Scheme News

28. Shahbad Dairy case: new FIR Mino mentions rape, POCSO Act

  • The Delhi police have registered a fresh FIR under Section 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 4 (penetrative sexual assault) of the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act in the Shahbad Dairy case, where a 16-year-old was killed in broad daylight in May this year.
  • On the evening of May 28, Sahil, 23, is accused of bludgeoning and stabbing the victim more than 20 times before killing her in full view of the public. The following day, after CCTV evidence of the incident spread online, the police detained him in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.
  • A total of "14 biological exhibits, one chemical exhibit, four physical exhibits, and one cyber exhibit" were reportedly evaluated at the FSL in Rohini, according to the chargesheet. There are also many voice messages Sahil is said to have left for the victim while he was on the phone, blood on the stone, the knife, and his clothes. 

Science and Technology News 

29. Hyderabad Firm Grene Robotics Unveils India’s First AI-Powered Anti-Drone System – Indrajaal 

  • The only autonomous wide-area, counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) in the world, Indrajaal, has been unveiled by the Hyderabad-based private sector company Grene Robotics. This cutting-edge system, which represents a huge development in Indian defense technology, is hailed as being able to defend against micro, mini, small, large, and extra-large drones. 
  • An unprecedented feat, Indrajaal is based on a foundation of 12 distinct layers of technology and is powered by artificial intelligence. This state-of-the-art technology has the capacity to recognize, categorize, track, and quickly neutralize threats in real time. Its 360- degree coverage provides defense against all classes and levels of unmanned autonomous threats across areas up to 4000 square kilometers.

30. The G-20 Technical Workshop on Climate-Friendly Agriculture has begun in Hyderabad, Telangana.

  • On September 4, 2023, the three-day workshop was opened at Shamshad in Hyderabad, Telangana by Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Ms. Shobha Karandlaje. Over 100 delegates from G-20 nations and other invited nations are taking part in this programme. 
  • One Earth, One Family, and One Future is the theme of the G20 Indian Presidency, which honours the spirit of unity and peace among us to secure a bright future for the entire globe. 
  • Discussions on topics such climate resilient agriculture needs and innovations, cutting-edge climate resilient agriculture case studies and experiences, policy, finance, and institutional requirements for climate resilient agriculture will be the main emphasis of the three-day conference. 
  • The delegates will visit the ICAR- Indian Institute of Millet Research (IIMR), Hyderabad, on September 5, 2023. Under the leadership of the G-20, the Agriculture Working Group met in Hyderabad from June 15–17, 2023.

Obituaries News 

31. ISRO scientist N Valarmathi, Voice Behind the Chandrayaan-3 countdown, passes away 

  • Scientist N Valarmathi, who provided the voice for the rocket launch countdowns in Sriharikota for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), passed away from a heart arrest. She was last heard during the countdown of Chandrayaan-3's launch, which included a historic Moon landing. On July 14, Chandrayaan-3 was launched from Sriharikota's Satish Dhawan Space Center. Her final countdown announcement was Chandrayan 3.
  • with more than 30 years, Valarmathi worked as a scientist with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). She was responsible for many ISRO launches' countdowns. For the millions of Indians who tuned in to watch the ISRO launches, her soothing voice was a familiar one. She was renowned for her work on the creation of societally beneficial space applications. 

Miscellaneous News 

32. Kokborok language in the news 

  • Under the slogan "Roman Script For Kokborok Choba," a coalition of 56 organizations in Tripura have taken to the streets to call for the Roman script to be adopted for the Kokborok language. The state's indigenous community has been working to conserve and advance its native language for decades, and this action is the conclusion of those efforts. 
  • Kokborok, which is spoken by about one-third of the state's population, is the primary language of Tripura's indigenous people 
  • Its importance to the Tripuran people on a cultural and emotional level just cannot be emphasized. In order to secure Kokborok's survival and accessibility in a world that is becoming more digital and networked, a Roman script is required.

33. Thiruvathirakkali's dance performance in Kerala sets a Limca Book World Record.

  • Over 7,000 members of Kudumbashree, a women's network in Thrissur, Kerala, held a massive "Thiruvathirakkali" (Thiruvathira) dance at the grounds of a nearby college, setting a new record.
  • Thiruvatirakkali is a traditional dance group from Kerala, performed mainly during the Onam festival which falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam. It is also performed in the Malayalam month of Dhanu.
  • The performance has already found a place in Limca Book of World Records and Talent World Records due to the highest number of participants - 7027 dancers. Kudumbashree Mission sources said here that steps would be taken soon to get it registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. 
  • The Onam festival, which takes place in the Malayalam month of Chingam, is when Thiruvatirakkali performs most frequently. The Malayalam month of Dhanu is also used for the performance. 

Indian Polity

34. Kharge calls meeting of floor isc leaders of INDIA ahead of Parliament Special Session

  • Opposition leaders con- tinued to lash out at the idea of simultaneous elections. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said INDIA, that is Bharat, is a Union of States. "The idea of 'one nation, one election' is an attack on the Indian Union and all its States," Mr. Gandhi said on X (formerly Twitter) Mr. Kharge claimed in a thorough statement that the Narendra Modi administration wants democratic India to gradually become a dictatorship.
  • "This ruse of creating a committee on 'one nation, one election' is a cover for destroying India's federal system," Mr. Kharge claimed.
  • To synchronize the terms of the elected Lok Sabha, Legislative Assemblies, and local bodies, it will be necessary to make constitutional amendments, the president added.

35. Fiscally imprudent policies, populism affect the poor: PM

  • a significant long-term social and economic cost, with the "poorest and most vulnerable" bearing the brunt of the effects. 
  • I have argued that while populism and financially irresponsible policies may produce political results in the short term, they will come at a significant social and economic cost in the long run. 
  • "Our guiding concept is straightforward: diversity, whether in society or in the composition of our energy mix, is our best bet... Our paths for the energy transition will be diverse because of the various paths that different countries are taking. India's historical contribution to global cumulative emissions has been less than 5% while having 17% of the global population. However, we have done everything possible to achieve our climate targets, he stated. 

36. Campaigning ends for byelections in seven Assembly constituencies

  • The byelections will take place in the Indian states of Tripura, West Bengal, Bageshwar, Puthupally, Ghosi, and Dumri as well as the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Election results will be tallied on September 8.
  • The seat in Uttarakhand's Bageshwar Assembly constituency became empty as BJP MLA Chandan Ram Das passed away, hence a byelection will be held to fill it. His wife Parvati Das is running for the seat for the governing BJP.
  • The Congress has field- ed Basant Kumar, who quit the Aam Aadmi Party Chandy passed away on july 18. His son Chandy against the CPI(M)'s Jaick C. Thomas. The BJP has fielded senior leader Lijin Lal.

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