Current Affairs | National | International | SSC | UPSC - 7th October 2023

National News

1. PM Modi inaugurated the country's first high-tech sports training center for disabled people in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the country's first high-tech sports training center for disabled people, named after former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. 
  • The objective of this initiative is to provide level playing field in sports, nurture talent and encourage participation in various sports disciplines. Disabled people from across the country can take practice and training at the Atal Bihari Divyang Sports Training Centre.
  • The Atal Bihari Training Center for Disability Sports represents an important step towards providing equal opportunities to persons with disabilities in sports, promoting their talent and encouraging their participation in various sports disciplines. 
  • It is an autonomous body set up by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. High-Tech Sports Training Center
  • The Center is registered as a Society under the MP Societies Registration Act, 1973 dated: 22.09.2021 with a Governing Body and Executive Committee overseeing the activities of the Centre. 
  • To establish a state-of-the-art international level Center of Excellence for Sports for Para Sportspersons (PWD) with full accessibility as per the norms. To create special sports infrastructure so that para players can receive rigorous and specialized training at the centre. 
  • The Cabinet has approved a budget of Rs 151.16 crore for setting up the center in an area of 34 acres. 

2. Outbreak of corruption, says Uddhav calling for a CBI probe into hospital deaths

  • Expressing concern over the sudden death of several patients in State-run hospitals in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena (UBT) chief Uddhav Thackeray on Friday criticized the Eknath Shinde government, alleging that people were losing lives due to its corrupt governance. 
  • He alleged an "outbreak of corruption" within the government, highlighting that it has funds for advertisements but not for saying people's lives. 
  • Mr. Thackeray further accused the government of procuring medicines without any tendering process and called for a Central Bu- reau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the matter. 
  • "If that (medicine procurement without tenders) is going to happen, then you are opening the doors for corruption. People are losing lives because of corrupt governance," the former Chief Minister said. 
  • "The health infrastructure of the State handled the pandemic situation effi- ciently when I was the Chief Minister. How come a system, which worked so efficiently during the pandemic, not be competent?" the Sena (UBT) leader said. 
  • According to him, the recent deaths across the State have tarnished the reputation of healthcare workers. Refuting Mr. Thackeray's allegations, Maharashtra BJP president Chandrashekhar Bawankule alleged that the former CM did not desist from taking a "cut" in the procurement of body bags. 
  • When patients were dying due to lack of oxygen [during the pandemic], Mr. Thackeray was engrossed in distributing tenders. You recall the loot when you were the CM. You did not even spare a cut from the procurement of bags for the dead bodies," Mr. Bawankule said.

3. Strictly followed all aspects Res of law: NewsClick investor

  • Worldwide Media Holdings (WMH), the investor in NewsClick, on Friday, said it "strictly followed all aspects of Indian law" before investing in the news portal in 2018 and that false allegations continued to circulate despite the facts WMH had given to the Indian authorities. 
  • Jason Pfetcher, a US-based lawyer, said the People's Support Foundation (PSF) was created in 2017 by funds donated from the sale of Thought Works, an IT consultancy firm founded by Neville Roy Singham. 
  • Mr. Preacher said he is the manager of PSF, which wholly owns and operates WMH, a for-profit investment vehicle that has made various investments in progressive media. projects around the world. 
  • Mr. Singham has been named as an accused in the FIR filed by the Delhi Police under various Sections of the Anti-Terror Law UA-PA, along with Prabir Purkayastha, the founder of NewsClick, who was arrested on October 3. 
  • He said he had attended various shareholder meetings at NewsClick but none of the principals of PSF or WMH had ever influenced, guided, or directed its journalistic work. 
  • "It appears that much of the basis for this action by the Indian government stems from a slanderous article that was published by The New York Times on August 5. But before that article was published and I respect it. 
  • Questions on behalf of PSF are as follows: 'PSF has never received any funding, nor taken direction from any foreign individual, organization, political party, or government (or from any of their members or representatives). The New York Times failed to include PSF's categorical denial of what Preacher said. foreign funding, and instead left readers to believe that the source of PSF's funding (or Mr. Singham's for that matter) might have come from China, rather than from the sale of Thought Works. Their salacious headlines and misnies. 
  • Leading 'reporting have Frida now directly contributed to the arrest of innocent sClick journalists," he said. 
  • After NewsClick's offices talks were searched in 2021 by depa the Enforcement Directo Cha rate, which accused the organization of money laundering, said WMH "provided law the Indian authorities con- (Pr formation regarding the provenance of the funds in- ponded to the reporters' vested in Newsclick by Jus WMH. WMH has also provided ample evidence that in it is and has always been in P good standing with the state of Delaware where it S is incorporated, despite false information being circulated that WMH was a defunct entity when it invested in Newsclick," Mr. 
  • He added that reputable lawyers and law firms were consulted to ensure that the investment strictly followed all aspects of Indian law, specifically including those limiting foreign ownership in media companies.

4. Governor's claim on Dalit woman's inability to be panchayat chief not right' 

  • Tamil Nadu Water Resources Minister and DMK general secretary Duraimurugan on Friday condemned Governor R.N. Ravi for what he described as defamatory remarks against the State government on the issue of a Scheduled Caste woman's inability to take charge as panchayat president in Tirupattur district. 
  • He said it was saddening that the Governor had made such a remark without taking cognisance of an order issued by the Madras High Court on October 7, 2021, which, according to him, prevented the woman from taking charge as the president of Naickaneri village panchayat. 
  • Pointing out that 4,357 posts in 12,525 village pan- chayats in Tamil Nadu have been reserved for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, he said Naickaneri was the only panchayat where the president could not take charge due to the HC order. 
  • He said it will behooves the office of the Governor "to disturb the peace" prevailing in the State "by speaking like the spokesperson for the BJP and the RSS". 

5. India to hold discussion with Canada during G-20 Parliament Speakers' meet 

  • Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Friday said that India will raise "all issues" with the Canadian Speaker of the Senate during the up- coming Parliament-20 meeting of the G20 nations' presiding officers in Delhi next week. 
  • Mr. Birla made these remarks while briefing reporters about the ninth Parliamentary Speakers' Summit (P-20) of G-20 nations. He was asked if he would raise the issue of Canada's Parliament being used to make allegations against India with the Speaker of Canada's Senate, Raymonde Gagne. 
  • "We will discuss issues that have been listed for the summit. Other issues will be discussed informally," Mr. Birla responded. 
  • India's relations with Canada have hit a new low after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau linked Indian agents to the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar and raised the matter in the House of Commons. 
  • Mr. Birla said that the presiding officers of 25 countries and 10 Deputy Speakers from the G-20 member nations and invitee countries are expected to attend the summit. 
  • It will be held at the newly inaugurated India International Convention and Expo Centre Yashobhoomi in Delhi from October 12 to 14. 

6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the summit on October 13. 

  • More than 350 delegates are expected to attend the three-day summit that will see the participation of 50 members of Parliament, 14 general secretaries, 26 vice-presidents, the International Parliamentary Union president and the president of the Pan-African Parliament. 
  • "The main theme of the 9th P-20 is proposed to be 'Parliaments for One Earth, One Family, One Future'," the Lok Sabha Speaker said. 
  • He said that the P-20 summit will have sessions on "Transformation in People's Lives through Public Digital Platforms", "Women-led Development", "Accelerating Sustainable Development Goals" and Sustainable Energy Transition". 
  • "A pre-summit event, namely Parliamentary Forum on Lifestyle for Environment (LIFE), will be held on October 12 at Yashobhoomi. An exhibition titled 'Mother of Democracy' will also be organized to highlight India's ancient and participative democratic traditions," Mr. Birla said.

7. Railways to consider Shift of job category for women employees 

  • In what could be a huge relief to women employees working as Track Maintainers and Assistant Loco Pilots, the Ministry of Railways has planned to consider their application seeking change in job category. 
  • The move that could benefit women employees facing hardships by their nature of work as Track Maintainers or Assistant Loco Pilots follows representations made by trade unions to the railway management over the years. 
  • In a communication to General Managers of all Zonal Railways, the Railway Board has called for the number of women Track Maintainers and Assistant Loco Pilots who had requested a change in job category in their respective zones. 
  • With Indian Railway men (NFIR) asking to give the women a one-time option to change their job category, the Railway Board initiated the process of collecting information on such employees, including those in other categories, who had sought a shift from their assigned category.  
  • Many Women employees engaged as Assistant Loco Pilots have been complaining of poor facilities while on duty, especially during pregnancy and other days when they cannot sit continuously for long hours. 
  • All India Railwaymen Federation president N. Kanniah said the union had represented the problems faced by women employees, particularly crew, track women and Travelling Ticket Examiners, to the Board, and the management had agreed to consider the request made by the National Fed those seeking a shift in job.

8. Social media platforms told to remove child sexual abuse content 

  • YouTube, Telegram and X (formerly Twitter) have been told to proactively filter child sexual abuse material (CSAM) out "on the Indian Internet", the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said on Friday. 
  • The notices to the platforms, the government said, threatened the firms that they would lose intermediary liability protections if they didn't take action, meaning that the companies would themselves be open to legal action alongside users who posted CSAM. 
  • An editor at a financial daily said the notices were sent a day after the paper had reached out to the government about such content available on these platforms. 
  • In a statement, YouTube spokesperson said: "We have a zero-tolerance policy on child sexual abuse material. No form of content that endangers minors is acceptable to us. We have heavily invested in the technology and teams. 
  • The firms would lose intermediary liability protections if they don't take action, warns the Centre to fight child sexual abuse and exploitation online and take swift action to remove it as quickly as possible. In Q2 2023, we removed over 94,000 channels and over 2.5 million videos for violations of our child safety policies. We will continue to work with experts inside and outside of YouTube to provide minors and families the best possible." protections. 
  • The other two companies did not immediately have a comment to offer on the notice. 
  • X does not appear to make any claims about what tools it uses to proac- tively remove CSAM. 
  • As For Telegram, the messaging app is end-to-end encrypted for personal chat, but not so for 'channels'. It is unclear whether Telegram uses any proactive CSAM detection technologies. 

9. MGNREGS runs out of funds; Ministry seeks more budget 

  • Six months into the financial year, the flagship rural employment Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), has run out of funds and as per the statistics put out by the Ministry on its website is running a deficit of 26,146.93 crore. 
  • An amount of 260,000 crore was sanctioned for the scheme for 2023-24, which was 18% lower than the 273,000-crore budget estimates and 33% lower than the 789,000 crore revised estimates for the financial year 2022-23. 
  • According to sources, on September 15, the Ministry of Rural Development (MORD) had approached the Finance Ministry, asking for a supplementary budget of 23,000 crore. 
  • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had stated that the MGNREGS is a demand-driven scheme and supplementary budget will be made available whenever the need arisesIn a statement on Thursday, the MORD has reiterated this point. 
  • "The Mahat- ma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act [MGNREGA] is a demand-driven wage employment programme and fund release to States/union territories is a continuous process and the Central government is making The Ministry, quoting funds available keeping in from statistics till October view the demand forwork." It further explained the process of release of funds to the States/Union Territories, which, it said, is on the basis of the agreed "labor budget, opening balance, and pending liabilities of the previous . year, if any, and the overall performance." 
  • "The Ministry seeks additional funds for the MGNREGS as and when required for meeting the demand for work on the ground," it stationed 260,000 crore, 256,105.69 crore, 93.5% of the funds had been released to the States. Though, the Ministry's statistical report (7.1.1) available on the website shows a deficit of 26,146 crore. Several questions texted to Rural Development Secretary Shailesh Kumar Singh went unanswered. 
  • "This is a story that repeats each year without fail. Every year there are budget cuts and we are told that the MGNREGS is a demand driven scheme. A supplementary budget, usually insufficient, is approved only by the Winter Session," said Laavanya Tamang, a researcher with Lib Tech. 
  • This cycle adversely impacts the functioning of the scheme while the balance sheets may look alright at the end of the year. "As the available funds dip, the wage dues pile up and the work allocation goes down," she added.

10. No HC should deny video conferencing or hybrid hearings: SC 

  • The Supreme Court gave High Courts two weeks to get their video conferencing and hybrid hearing equipment up and running, stating that if one wanted to be a judge, one had to know how to use technology. 
  • The Supreme Court directed that High Courts would provide adequate Internet and free Wi-Fi to lawyers and litigants in their precincts. The links to the hearings would be provided in the daily cause lists. All the High Courts would put in place a standard operating procedure (SOP) for video conferencing and hybrid mode of hearings within four weeks. Delhi High Court judge, Justice Rajiv Shakdher would prepare a model SOP in conjunction with the Supreme Court- appointed amici curiae, advocates Gaurav Agarwal and K. Parameshwar. "Technology is no longer a matter of choice. You want to be a judge, learn how to use technology," Chief Justice Chandrachud said in court. 
  • The Chief Justice was addressing the "reticence" among High Court judges, including some Chief Justices of State High Courts, to use the hybrid mode. Some High Courts have dismantled equipment installed during the COVID days. Other High Courts insist that lawyers and litigants come physically to court rather than have a choice to appear online. 
  • In a hearing, the Chief Justice had said in court that he was disturbed by the attitude of certain High Court Chief Justices who are disbanding technological infrastructure created by using public money.

11. EC briefs observers ahead of poll season 

  • Ahead of the Assembly elections Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telan- gana, the Election Commission on Friday conducted a briefing session for around 1,180 observers who will monitor the polls to ensure the process is free and fair. 
  • The day-long meeting was aimed to streamline strategy to ensure that the model code is implemented effectively, a senior EC official said. 
  • The electoral observers include general, police and expenditure observers and are drawn from the IAS, the IPS, the IRS and other services from across the country. 
  • Addressing a briefing session here, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar directed the observers to ensure a level-playing field by working in a coordinated manner to ensure free, fair and inducement-free elections. 
  • He said the commission was concentrating on presenting a humane face, by facilitating and including people with disabilities, se- nior citizens (above 80 years) and particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTG) with the help of special provisions such as home voting and accessible polling stations. 
  • Instructing observers to monitor social media and ensure corrective action, Election Commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey said the election should not only be fair but must also be seen to be fair. Senior officials of the commission also briefed observers on important themes related to elections. 

12. LG takes stock of P-20 Summit preparations at Yashobhoomi 

  • Lieutenant-Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena on Friday reviewed the preparations at the India International Convention and Expo Centre (IICC) in Dwarka and its vicinity for the ninth G20 Parliamentary Speakers' Summit. 
  • Also known as the P-20 Summit, the event will be held from October 12 to 14 and will see the participation of speakers/presiding officers from over 30 countries. 
  • According to a Raj Niwas statement, the L-G directed the departments concerned to work in coordination to beautify the IICC, also called Yashobhoomi, as well as its surroundings and make them plastic free. "He said a lot needs to be done outside the complex and asked the project developer Larsen & Toubro, Delhi Development Authority, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, and the Public Works Department to coordinate and develop the surroundings of the IICC on the lines of Bharat Mandapam," it added. 
  • The L-G also reviewed traffic arrangements for the delegates and issued instructions to Delhi Police for their seamless movement. Directions to remove construction debris, barricades, illegal hoardings, and crash barriers along the routes of the summit were also issued, Raj Niwas said.

13. Left-wing extremism will be totally R eliminated in two years, says Shah 

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday said Left- wing extremism (LWE) will be totally eliminated from the country in two years and stressed the need for constant surveillance in the areas freed from Naxals so old that the problem does not revive there again. 
  • Chairing a meeting to review the security situation in LWE-affected States, Mr. Shah said the Modi government has adopted a policy of zero tolerance against Left-wing extremism since 2014. He said, in 2022 saw the lowest level of LWE vio- lence and deaths in the last four decades.
  • Left-wing extremism will be totally eliminated from the country in two years, he said, adding, "Naxalism is a curse to humanity and we are resolved to uproot it in all its forms''. The meeting was attended by the Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand. 
  • Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also attended the meeting where Odisha, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh were represented by State Ministers. Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said the face of Naxal-affected areas in the State was changing for the better due to development schemes. 
  • Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren also advocated continued deployment of paramilitary forces to battle the problem. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy af- firmed that Left-wing extremism is on the wane and Maoist activities are confined only to a few pockets 
  • He said vacuum areas have been shrinking since 2019 as 195 new camps of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) have been established while 44 more in 2014. new ones will be set up. 
  • Mr. Shah said the deployment of CAPPs against LWE, rationalisation of development and setting up camps in vacuum areas are the priorities of the government. 
  • He said there has been a decline of more than 52% in LWE related violence, 69% in deaths, 72% in security force personnel deaths and 68% in civilian deaths between 2014 and 2023 compared to 2005

International News

14. Escalation Of Israel-Palestine Conflict: “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” Unleashed By Hamas Sparks Widespread Violence 

  • The Israel-Palestine conflict has escalated dramatically as Hamas, the armed Palestinian group, initiated “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” firing over 5,000 rockets into Israel. The situation quickly escalated into a full-scale war, resulting in significant casualties and widespread fear among civilians.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state of war, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation. He asserted that this was not a mere operation but a full-blown war. Netanyahu vowed that Hamas would face an unparalleled retaliation.
  • The conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants, particularly Hamas, dates back to 2007. The latest escalation followed heightened tensions, exacerbated by Israel’s closure of borders to Gazan workers. The conflict’s toll included both combatants and civilians, with a significant number of casualties reported on both sides.

15. EU Approves World’s First Green Bond Standards To Combat Greenwashing 

  • In a significant move to combat greenwashing and assist investors in identifying truly sustainable companies, European Union lawmakers have approved groundbreaking standards for companies issuing “green” bonds. This new initiative aims to promote transparency and credibility in the green bond market, preventing misleading climate-friendly claims. 
  • The European Parliament’s approval marks the introduction of a voluntary standard for the use of the “European Green Bond” label, heralded as the first of its kind globally. This standard is designed to guide investors towards genuinely sustainable investment opportunities while providing issuing companies with confidence regarding the suitability of their bonds for environmentally conscious investors.
  • These standards not only enhance transparency but also establish a registration system and supervisory framework for external reviewers of European green bonds. By ensuring rigorous oversight, the EU aims to bolster investor confidence in green bonds, thereby supporting the region’s transition to climate neutrality. 

16. Russia's nuclear missile 'Burevestnik' successfully tested 

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the successful test of a new nuclearpowered missile called "Burevestnik" during a speech in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. It is powered by a nuclear reactor and is capable of carrying nuclear weapons. 
  • This missile, known as "Storm Petrel", has raised concerns and questions about its capabilities and reliability. NATO refers to the Burevestnik missile as "Skyfall" and has been doubted by Western experts. 
  • President Putin first mentioned the missile in 2018, highlighting its importance in Russia's military arsenal. The Burevestnik is a ground-launched, low-flying cruise missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. 
  • The International Institute for Strategic Studies suggested in 2021 that the Burevestnik missile could have a theoretical range of up to 20,000 kilometers, which would enable it to attack targets in the United States from various locations in Russia. 
  • Additionally, the missile operates at low altitude (50–100 m), making it challenging for air-defense radar systems to detect. 
  • Satellite images broadcast last month indicate that Russia recently built new facilities at the Novaya Zemlya site in the northern Barents Sea, a remote Arctic island where the first Soviet nuclear tests were conducted. 
  • Mr Putin also said that work on the intercontinental ballistic missile named Sarmat is almost complete. He said that Russia has no plans to change its nuclear doctrine.


17. Pak.journalists await visas for World Cup 

  • The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is still awaiting visa clearance for its media contingent and fans to travel to India for the ongoing 2023 ODI World Cup. 
  • Pakistan opened its World Cup campaign against the Netherlands at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium here, and journalists from the neighbouring country were not present to cover the game, nor were their fans. 
  • Mohammad Bashir, better known as Bashir Chacha, was the lone Pakistani supporter present. A resident of Chicago, Mr. Bashir landed in the city a week ago, and got his ticket from a member of the Pakistani team. 
  • According to PCB sources, as many as 60 journalists have applied for Indian visas. 
  • Sportstar is in possession of the Pakistan media accreditation list mailed to the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) by the International Cricket Council (ICC). 
  • "Till now there is no word about the visas, and the World Cup has already started. This is not what we expected, but we are still hoping that the Indian government clears the visas," a PCB source told Sportstar from Karachi.

State News

18. Tripura Becomes Fourth State To Implement E-Cabinet System 

  • Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha recently introduced the state’s e-cabinet system. This move positions Tripura as the fourth Indian state, and the second in the Northeast region, to adopt an e-cabinet system after Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The introduction of this system signifies a commitment to paperless cabinet meetings, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability through the use of digital tablets by ministers and bureaucrats.
  • During the debut e-cabinet meeting, the government approved a proposal to procure a loan of Rs 160 crore from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The launch of the system was made possible through collaboration between the National Informatics Centre and the state’s information and cultural affairs department. 

19. NITI Aayog Organized First State Workshop On Women-Led Development In Goa 

  • The inaugural edition of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) – NITI Aayog State Workshop Series on Enabling Women-led Development through Entrepreneurship was organized at CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) Auditorium, Goa. The workshop was held in collaboration with the Government of Goa with a focus on the western region of the country. 
  • Swayampurna Goa initiative: Celebrating the three-year milestone of the Swayampurna Goa initiative, Dr. Pramod Sawant emphasized its focus on skill development and the deployment of “Swayampurna Grameen Mitras” for the doorstep delivery of government services in every block and Panchayat. 
  • Swayampurna e-bazaar: Furthermore, the Chief Minister reiterated the role of women in socio-economic progress, announcing the Swayampurna ebazaar during Dussehra, aimed at expanding market access through Common Service Centres. 

20. All India Police Science Congress Kicked Off In Dehradun Today

  • The 49th All India Police Science Congress (AIPSC) organized by the Uttarakhand Police commenced today, October 7th at the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun. 
  • With the theme of “Policing in Amrit Kaal,” this annual event, held under the auspices of the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D), promises to be a platform for insightful discussions on various aspects of modern policing.
  • The 49th AIPSC selected six compelling themes for discussion, each addressing vital challenges and developments in contemporary policing. The 49th AIPSC is embracing technology for its management, showcasing its forward-thinking approach.

21. Malpura, Sujangarh and Kuchaman City will be three new districts in Rajasthan. 

  • The Chief Minister of Rajasthan said on 6 October 2023 that as per public demand and the recommendation of a high-level committee (Ramlubhaya Committee), three new districts of Malpura, Sujangarh and Kuchaman City will be formed. With this the number of districts will now increase to 53. 
  • Earlier, on August 4, 2023, the Rajasthan Cabinet had approved the proposal of a high-level committee to create 19 new districts and three new divisions in the state. Rajasthan has now become the state with the third highest number of districts (53) after Uttar Pradesh (75), Madhya Pradesh (54). Announced to make Banswara, Pali and Sikar divisions. 
  • Earlier, Jaipur North, Jaipur South, Dudu and Kotputli-Behror districts were separated from Jaipur district. Jodhpur East, Jodhpur West and Phalodi districts have been separated from Jodhpur district. 
  • Similarly - Shri Ganganagar to Anupgarh, Barmer to Balotra, Ajmer to Beawar and Kekdi, Bharatpur to Deeg, Nagaur to Didwana-Kuchaman City, Sawai Madhopur to Gangapur City, Alwar to Khairthal, Sikar to Neem Ka Thana, Udaipur to Salumber, Jalore to Sanchaur and Shahpura have been separated from Bhilwara and created a new district.
  • It is noteworthy that new districts have been announced after 15 years. Earlier on 26 January 2008, Pratapgarh became the 33rd district of Rajasthan. And the last announcement of divisional headquarters was made 18 years ago in 2005. On 4 June 2005, Bharatpur was created as the 7th division of Rajasthan.  

22. Himachal Pradesh government launched ‘Mukhyamantri Sukh-Aashray Yojana’ 

  • Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu formally launched the "Mukhyamantri Sukh Ashray Yojana" from the Ridge in Shimla, which aims to provide comprehensive assistance to orphans, especially disabled children, destitute women and elderly persons in the state. 
  • He said that in a first of its kind initiative in the country, his government has decided to adopt orphans, especially disabled children, as 'children of the state' and work for their upliftment and welfare. 
  • Distributed financial benefits worth Rs 4.68 crore to eligible children, which includes Rs 15.52 lakh towards fees and other hostel expenses, as well as Rs 11.52 lakh as monthly expenses to 48 orphan children to pursue higher education. 
  • Besides this, Rs 7.02 lakh for fees and Rs 4.08 lakh for monthly expenses were also distributed to 17 orphan children enrolled in some professional courses. Also transferred financial benefits of Rs 2.65 crore to 1106 beneficiaries through foster care and sponsorship. ‘Mukhyamantri Sukh-Aashray Yojana’ 
  • Additionally, 30 meritorious Class 12 students of the Child Care Institute, who had excelled in Class 10, were provided laptops. In the second phase of the initiative, 268 students of classes 10th and 12th will get laptops. 
  • He also allocated Rs 6 lakh to three beneficiaries for setting up small and micro industries. Under the scheme, around 2,700 newly identified orphans living with relatives will also get monthly financial assistance of Rs 4,000 till the age of 27 years. 
  • Under this scheme, beneficiaries will also get Rs 10,000 as apparel allowance, Rs 500 as fees and marriage grant of Rs 2 lakh. Also for higher education, children are eligible for financial assistance up to Rs 1 lakh and monthly pocket money of Rs 4000. 
  • Additionally, a grant of Rs 2 lakh will be provided to orphan children to help them set up small or micro industries for self-employment. Landless orphan children will be provided financial assistance of Rs 3 lakh for building houses and in addition three Biswa land in rural areas and two Biswa land in urban areas.


23. Singareni Collieries belongs to Telangana, rules Home Ministry 

  • In a major relief to Telangana, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has ruled that the Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) belongs to Telangana. The Union Ministry's recent communication to the governments of the two Telugu States, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, brings to an end the stalemate prevailing over the division of assets pertaining to the SCCL between the two States. 
  • The Telangana State government has been firm that the company belonged to it on the basis of location and this has been confirmed by the Attorney General. The Andhra Pradesh government has raised objections to the Attorney General's opinion. It wanted to conclude that SCCL was an interState company. 
  • The Home Ministry sought the comments of the Ministry of Coal. "Since, no coal blocks of SCCL are found to be situated in Andhra Pradesh, the opinion of the Attorney General of India is treated as final," the Ministry said in the letter.


24. City AQI turns 'poor'; prohibitions to curb air pollution imposed 

  • Delhi's Air Quality Index (AQD) slipped into the "poor category" at 4 p.m. on Friday, following which Stage 1 of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) was imposed in the Nation- 'severe'. al Capital Region (NCR) to prevent further deterioration of air quality. The GRAP is a set of emergency measures taken to reduce air pollution. 
  • The GRAP's Stage 1 has a 27-point action plan, which includes sprinkling water on roads, using anti-smog guns, and ensuring proper disposal of construction and demolition waste. It also imposes a ban on the use of coal and firewood in hotels, restaurants, and open eateries. It also mandates the suspension of work at private construction and demolition projects of 500 sq m or more not registered on the portal of the respective State government for remote monitoring of dust mitigation measures. 
  • A reading between zero and 50 on the AQI is considered 'good', 51 and 100 'satisfactory', 101 and 200 'moderate', 201 and 300 'poor', 301 and 400 'very poor', and 401 and 500 
  • The Committee for Air Quality Management, a statutory body responsible for proactively implementing the GRAP, said various agencies responsible for implementing the action plan have been directed to ensure strict implementation of the pollution control measures. 
  • The subsequent stages of the GRAP include various measures, such as increasing parking fees to discourage private transport and enhancing bus and metro services; prohibiting BS III petrol and BS IV diesel four-wheelers from operating in Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Buddha Nagar.


25. SC refuses to stay release EIR of Bihar caste survey data 

  • The Supreme Court on Friday refused to stop the Bihar government from publishing data collected from its caste-based survey. 
  • A Bench headed by Justice Sanjry Khanna refused to be bothered by the fact that the State had released the data when petitions challenging the legality of the survey were pending before the Supreme Court. 
  • "You cannot stop a State government or any government from taking a decision... Yes, if there is an issue with regard to the data, that will be considered," Justice Khanna addressed the petitioners. 
  • The Bench posted the case for next hearing in January 2024, while issuing notice to the State to file its response to the petitions. 
  • "The main issue here is that the data was collected unlawfully and cannot be acted upon, " advocate Aparajita Singh, who led the petitioners' side, argued. 
  • "You will be in some difficulty on that... we have read the Pama High Court judgment (which upheld Privacy is not an issue of the survey) and made a prima facie view. The High Court judgment is fairly detailed Justice Khamma observed 
  • Justice Khamura said the cardinal issue was "how much breakdown of data would be made available to the general public for the sake of transparency". The court further dismissed the motion that the compilation and publication of data affects privacy 
  • Ms. Singh persisted that the court should order Musquo as the state would publish more data by the Prabic Purkc ment bearing in January can million. 
  • We are not staying this Singham, a at the moment, justice Khanna repiled, though at one point asking Mr. Diwan why the Sture had purest as ac blished the data when the case. The case was sall pending duals have the of Presently 
  • Senior advocate Shyam the accused Diwan, for Bibar, said the Someo petitions were at a pre-admission stare when the court was still deciding whether or not to issue for- and Vinc mal notice. He said the de DEX evasi ta received was extensive acting as and voluntary from the pe interest ople, and needed to be analyzed in detail to help identify welfare areas aid to falsify the details.


Economy News

26. Strong Surge In US Job Growth In September Points To Potential Fed Tightening 

  • The U.S. job market experienced substantial growth in September, bolstering the case for potential interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve later this year. Nonfarm payrolls, a key indicator of employment trends, saw a remarkable increase of 336,000 jobs in September. 
  • The unexpectedly strong job growth in September has raised the prospects of the Federal Reserve taking action to raise interest rates in the near future. While the central bank’s primary mandate is to control inflation and ensure price stability, a robust labor market can also influence its policy decisions. 
  • One notable aspect of the employment report is the moderation in wage growth. While job creation has surged, wage growth has shown signs of tempering, which could alleviate some concerns about inflationary pressures. The Federal Reserve often considers both employment and inflation when determining its monetary policy.

27. RBI Flags High Inflation As Key Risk To Macroeconomic Stability, Vows To Bring Inflation To 4% 

  • RBI Governor Das highlighted that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is steadfastly dedicated to realigning inflation with the 4% target. The MPC has adopted a majority decision to withdraw accommodation, thereby fostering inflation alignment while supporting economic growth.
  • Governor Das emphasized that the RBI’s inflation target remains at 4% and not within the range of 2 to 6%. The central bank aims to actively pursue antiinflationary measures while supporting growth to achieve this target.
  • Governor Das acknowledged several risks to the economic outlook, including geopolitical tensions, global economic slowdown, volatility in financial markets, and uneven monsoon rains. These factors necessitate careful monitoring of incoming data and distinguishing between durable and transitory elements of price shocks. 

Business News

28. REC Launches ‘SUGAM REC’ Mobile App For 54EC Bonds Investors

  • REC Limited, a prominent Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) specializing in Power Sector Financing and Development, announced the launch of its latest digital innovation, the ‘SUGAM REC‘ mobile application.
  • This exclusive app has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of investors interested in REC’s 54EC Capital Gain Tax Exemption Bonds. With ‘SUGAM,’ REC aims to simplify the investment process and enhance the overall experience for both existing and prospective investors. 
  • The ‘SUGAM REC’ mobile application is set to revolutionize the way investors interact with REC’s 54EC Bonds. With this app, investors can access a wealth of information about REC’s 54EC Bonds, including features, benefits, and eligibility criteria. This feature empowers investors with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

29. Air India Installs Massive Engineering Warehouse At Delhi Airport

  • Air India, one of India’s leading airlines, announced on Friday the inauguration of its state-of-the-art mega warehouse facility in Delhi. This facility, spanning an impressive 54,000 square feet and strategically located near Terminal 3 at Delhi Airport’s cargo complex, marks a significant milestone in the airline’s commitment to enhancing aircraft maintenance operations. 
  • The primary goal of this mega warehouse facility is to streamline and optimize the maintenance and service operations of Air India’s extensive fleet, including Air India Express and AIX Connect aircraft. By consolidating the storage of over 1,000,000 engineering spares, tools, and ground support equipment, this facility aims to significantly improve the turnaround time of flights operating out of Delhi.
  • Air India’s mega warehouse will serve as a one-stop solution for storing a wide range of aircraft spares, tools, and ground support equipment. This extensive inventory will cover everything from basic hardware to highly sophisticated and complex components such as avionics, hydraulics, structural elements, pneumatic systems, and mechanical parts. 

Summits and Conferences News

29. PM Modi To Inaugurate 10th Edition Of Vibrant Gujarat Summit On January 10, 2024

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate the 10th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit on January 10, 2024. The summit is scheduled to take place from January 10 to 12, 2024, at the Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • This event promises to be a golden opportunity for investors to engage with Gujarat and tap into its potential for growth and prosperity. This event holds significance as it aligns with the Prime Minister’s vision of “Viksit Bharat @2047,” emphasizing India’s growth and development.
  • The 10th Vibrant Gujarat Summit carries the theme of “Gateway to the future.” This theme underscores the state’s vision for the future and its role as a gateway to investment and development opportunities. Appointments News 12.India’s Historic Re-Election As AIBD GC President 
  • India has been re-elected as the President of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) General Conference (GC) for an unprecedented third successive term. 
  • This remarkable accomplishment, announced by Apurva Chandra, Secretary of the Information & Broadcasting Ministry, signifies a monumental moment in AIBD’s history. The pivotal moment in India’s broadcasting history unfolded during the 21st General Conference & Associated Meetings 2023. 
  • Established in 1977 under the auspices of UNESCO, AIBD stands as a prestigious institution with 92 member organizations spanning 44 countries. Among its members are 26 government representatives from various countries, comprising 48 broadcasting authorities and broadcasters, along with 44 affiliates from 28 nations and regions across Asia, Pacific, Europe, Africa, Arab States, and North America. 

Awards News

30. Professor Dr. Joyeeta Gupta Honored With Dutch Spinoza Prize For Climate Change Research 

  • Dr. Joyeeta Gupta, an Indian-origin professor at the University of Amsterdam, has been awarded the prestigious Dutch Spinoza Prize for her groundbreaking work in the field of climate change.
  • Dr. Joyeeta Gupta becomes the twelfth researcher affiliated with the University of Amsterdam to receive this prestigious award, highlighting the institution’s commitment to excellence.
  • Dr. Gupta’s research primarily focuses on understanding and addressing the distributional challenges posed by climate change through effective governance. She emphasizes that climate change consequences directly impact the socio-economic disparities between affluent and underprivileged communities. 

Sports News

31. INDIA GETS 100 MEDALs AT THE ASIAN Games 2023, First Time In History 

  • India made history on October 7, 2023, by winning its 100th medal at the Asian Games for the first time ever. This is a remarkable achievement, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Indian athletes and coaches. 
  • India’s 100th medal was won by the women’s kabaddi team, who defeated Chinese Taipei 26-25 in a thrilling final. This medal was fittingly won by a team that has been so dominant in kabaddi over the years.
  • India’s success at the Asian Games is a sign of the growing strength of Indian sport. India has consistently improved its performance at the Games over the years, and it is now one of the leading nations in Asian sport. 16.Indian Men’s Hockey Team Clinches Gold At Asian Games 2023
  • In a historic moment at the Gongshu Canal Sports Park Stadium in Hangzhou, the Indian men’s hockey team secured a remarkable victory over Japan, winning the gold medal and earning a coveted spot at the Paris 2024 Olympics. 
  • In a highly anticipated showdown, India defeated Japan with a commanding scoreline of 5-1 in the Asian Games 2023 men’s hockey final. This victory not only clinched the gold medal but also ensured a place in the upcoming Olympics. 
  • This victory marks the Indian men’s hockey team’s fourth gold medal at the Asian Games, following triumphs in 1966, 1988, and 2014 editions. Their consistent excellence continues to shine on the international stage. 

32. Indian Women’s Kabaddi Team Clinches Gold At Asian Games 2023 

  • The Indian women’s kabaddi team emerged victorious against a determined Chinese Taipei, securing the gold medal in the Asian Games 2023. In a fiercely contested match, the Indian women’s kabaddi team clinched the gold medal by defeating Chinese Taipei with a nail-biting score of 26-25. 
  • The Indian women’s kabaddi team previously secured gold at Guangzhou 2010. They defended their title at Incheon 2014. In Jakarta 2018, they finished as runners-up. Chinese Taipei showcased their growth in kabaddi by upgrading their bronze medal from Jakarta 2018 to silver in the Asian Games 2023. 

33. Asian Games 2023, India Wins Gold In Men’s Cricket 

  • In a historic debut at the Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, China, the Indian men’s cricket team secured the gold medal in the T20 competition. 
  • Their triumph came as a result of their higher T20 rankings, after the final against Afghanistan was postponed due to rain. This victory marked a significant moment in Indian cricket history, as they chose to skip previous editions of the Asian Games in 2010 and 2014. 

  • Afghanistan, ranked 10th in the ICC’s T20 rankings, had to settle for silver after the final match against India was interrupted by rain. Rain halted the game when Afghanistan was 112 for five after 18.2 overs in the first innings, leaving them powerless to change their fate. Earlier in the day, Bangladesh defeated Pakistan in a last-ball thriller to win the bronze medal. 

34. India won gold medal in hockey in the 19th Asian Games 2023 

  • On October 6, 2023, at the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games 2023, the Indian men's hockey team defeated defending champions Japan 5-1 to win the Asian Games gold medal after nine years and also qualified for next year's Paris Olympics. South Korea won the bronze medal after a close 2–1 victory over hosts China. 
  • India won its fourth Asian Games gold medal and first since the 2014 Incheon edition. India have now won four titles in the continental competition – 1966, 1998, 2014 and 2023. In the last edition in Jakarta, Indians had to be content with a bronze medal. 
  • Harmanpreet Singh (32nd, 59th minute) scored twice through penalty corners, Amit Rohidas (36th minute) also got on the board from a set-piece, while Manpreet Singh (25th) and Abhishek (48th minute) converted field efforts. Scored goal after goal. Seren Tanaka converted a penalty corner for Japan in the 51st minute. 
  • Harmanpreet finished the tournament as India's top scorer with 13 goals, one goal ahead of striker Mandeep Singh. India's total tally is 95 with 22 gold, 34 silver and 39 bronze medals. 
  • On Day 13 of the Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, HS Prannoy won the bronze medal in badminton. Indian archers won a silver medal after losing to South Korea in the men's recurve team final at the Asian Games.


Important Days News

35. World Cotton Day 2023

  • World Cotton Day, observed on October 7 each year, emphasises cotton’s importance in generating jobs and supporting economies, especially in less developed countries. 
  • The theme for World Cotton Day 2023, ‘Making cotton fair and sustainable for all, from farm to fashion,’ is championed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
  • The day’s celebrations promote fair trade and help developing nations engage in all aspects of the cotton industry to improve their economies. The first World Cotton Day was proposed on October 7, 2019, and was officially approved by the WTO. 

Science and Technology News

36. Telecom giant Nokia inaugurates country's first '6G Lab' facility in Bengaluru 

  • Nokia has opened a 6G lab in Bengaluru, Karnataka to accelerate the development of 6G technology. Which has been inaugurated by Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav on 5 October 2023. 
  • This lab will focus on researching "Network as a Sensor" technology, which enables networks to sense objects and motion without onboard sensors. 
  • The laboratory is in line with India's "India 6G Vision" and aims to position India as a major player in 6G technology development. Nokia's chief strategy officer, Nishant Batra, said it is a "first of its kind" project. 
  • India has already obtained more than 200 patents on 6G technology in collaboration with industry and academia with the support of the Department of Telecommunications. Nokia is also a founding member of the Next G Alliance which is helping drive the 6G ecosystem in North America and coordinating the German lighthouse project 6G ANA. ‘6G Lab’ 
  • “Network as a Sensor” Technology This revolutionary concept enables wireless networks to act as sensors, capable of sensing objects, people and movement without the need for traditional on-board sensors. 
  • The lab will also work on important issues such as algorithm development, privacy concerns and sustainable system design. It also aims to establish a common direction and vision for 6G technology, including participation in projects such as 6G Hexa-X and Hexa-X-2, the first and second phases of the European 6G flagship. 

Banking News

37. Reserve Bank's Monetary Policy Committee kept the repo rate permanent for the fourth time. 

  • After the Mumbai Committee meeting on October 5, 2023, Governor Shaktikanta Das said that the Monetary Policy Committee has unanimously kept the repo rate at 6.5 percent without any change.
  • According to the statement issued from the Reserve Bank, after a detailed assessment of macroeconomic and financial developments, the committee has decided to keep the interest rates unchanged for the fourth consecutive time. 
  • As a result, Standing Deposit Facility Rate - SDF will remain at 6.25 percent, Marginal Standing facility Rate - MSF and Bank Rate will remain at 6.75 percent and Reverse Repo Rate at 3.35%. In its last three meetings in April, June and August, the RBI kept the repo rate unchanged at 6.5 percent. 
  • The RBI has been ordered by the central government to ensure that Consumer Price Index (CPI) based inflation remains at 4 per cent, with a margin of 2 per cent on either side. 
  • According to the statement, the real GDP growth rate for 2023-24 is estimated to be 6.5 percent. It is estimated to be 6.5 percent in the second quarter, 6 percent in the third quarter and 5.7 percent in the fourth quarter. Real GDP growth rate for the first quarter of 2024-25 is estimated at 6.6 percent. Monetary policy committee.
  • It is a statutory and institutional framework under the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 to maintain price stability. The Governor of RBI is the ex-officio chairman of the committee. The MPC determines the policy interest rate (repo rate) required to achieve the inflation target. 

38. RBI flags inflation risk to stability 

  • The Reserve Bank of India views high inflation as a major risk to macroeconomic stability and sustainable growth, and accordingly monetary policy has been focused on aligning inflation to the 4% target on a durable basis, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said on Friday as he announced the Monetary Policy Committee's decision to keep the policy repo rate unchanged at 6.50% 
  • The MPC remains alert and ready to take timely measures to align inflation to the 4% target on a durable basis to preserve macroeconomic stability, says Das
  • Cites uncertainties including fall in kharif sowing of pulses and oil seeds, low reservoir levels as clouding inflation outlook 
  • Terms declining core Inflation (CPI excluding food, fuel components) as silver lining interest rates unchanged for a fourth straight meeting, he said a silver lining of declining core inflation. 
  • MPC raises Its headline retail inflation projection for the second, quarter ended Sept. 30 by 20 basis points to 6.49% 
  • Notwithstanding, the overall inflation outlook was clouded by uncertainties that included the fall in kharif sowing for key crops like pulses and oil seeds, low reservoir levels, and volatile global food and energy prices. 
  • Asserting that the MPC remained alert and prepared to undertake timely policy measures to align inflation to the target and anchor inflation expectations, he observed that headwinds from geopolitical tensions and geo-economic fragmentation, volatility in global financial markets, global economic slowdown, and the uneven distribution of monsoon rains posed risks to the outlook. 
  • The RBI also retained its real GDP growth forecast for 2023-24 at 6.5% and its forecast for average CPI inflation for the current fiscal year at 5.4%. The MPC, however, raised its headline inflation projection for the second quarter that ended on September 30, by 20 basis points to 6.4%. "I would like to emphatically reiterate that our inflation target is 4% and not 2 to 6%, Mr. Das stressed, later adding monetary policy would remain actively anti-inflationary at the current juncture.


Miscellaneous News

39. Traditional cheese 'Churpi' of Arunachal Pradesh gets GI tag

  • Naturally fermented cheese prepared from the milk of Arunachal Yak, reared in the highlands of Arunachal Pradesh, has recently received the coveted Geographical Indication (GI) tag. 
  • Churpi, a traditional cheese made from yak milk, has been a staple food of the tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh. Yak herders, who mainly belong to the Brokpa and Monpa tribes in West Kameng and Tawang districts, depend on churpi as a substitute for vegetables in their diet. 
  • his allows it to be incorporated into various dishes including vegetable or meat curries and served with rice, an important component of the daily tribal diet.
  • Churpi is not just a food item; It holds deep cultural significance for the people of Arunachal Pradesh. It is considered an integral part of the tangible cultural and tribal heritage of the region. The process of cheese making, passed down for generations, is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of these tribes. Arunachali Yak 
  • The National Research Center on Yak (NRCY), located at Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh, has been at the forefront of efforts to preserve the unique Arunachal Yak breed and promote yak herding. 
  • The Arunachali yak breed is reared by tribal yak herders, known as Brokpas, who migrate with their yaks to higher altitudes (at altitudes of 10,000 feet and above) during the summer and winter. During this period they move to middle altitude hilly areas. 

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