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National News 

1.Revolutionizing Geospatial Mapping: Survey Of India And Genesys International’s Strategic Partnership 

  • The Survey of India (SoI), the nation’s premier National Survey and Mapping Organization, has joined forces with Genesys International, a leading Indian mapping company specializing in Geospatial solutions. 
  • Genesys becomes the first company to establish a public-private agreement with SoI for the creation of a three-dimensional (3D) digital twin-mapping program in India. 
  • The primary goal of the partnership is to develop digital twins of major cities and towns across India. 
  • Leveraging SoI’s CORS network, the partnership aims to provide real-time high precision positioning data, contributing to the creation of an accurate and dynamic 3D digital twin of urban landscapes. 

2.Governor holds no veto power over Bills, says SC 

  • Law that a Governor, in case he withholds assent to a Bill, should send it back to the State legislature "as soon as possible" with a message to reconsider the proposed law. If the Assembly reiterates the Bill "with or without amendments", the Governor has no choice or discretion, and has to give assent to it. 
  • The November 10 judgement released on Thursday was based on a petition filed by the Punjab government against its Governor's action to hold back crucial Bills. The verdict would be a significant boost to Tamil Nadu's case. The Tamil Nadu Assembly had returned 10 crucial Bills to Governor R.N. Ravi, who had withheld assent in the first instance. "The substantive part of Article 200 empowers the Governor to withhold assent to the Bill. In such an event, the Governor must mandatorily follow the course of action which is indicated in the first proviso of communicating to the State Legislature 'as soon as possible' a message warranting the reconsideration of the Bill.... a three-judge Bench, headed by Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud, held. 
  • Ultimate authority "The ultimate decision on whether or not to accept the advice of the Governor as contained in the message belongs to the legislature alone. That the message of the Governor does not bind the legislature is evident from the use of the expression if the Bill is passed again...with or without amendments"," the Bench held. 
  •  The court held that a Governor who chooses to withhold a Bill without doing anything further would be acting in contravention of the Constitution. "The Governor as the unelected Head of State would be in a position to virtually veto the functioning of the legislative domain by a duly elected legislature by simply declaring that assent is withheld without any further recourse. Such a course of action would be contrary to fundamental principles of a constitutional democracy based on a Parliamentary pattern of governance,”

3.Mirabai a unique example of pure devotion and faith, says Prime Minister in Mathura

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday offered prayers at Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple in. Mathura and attended 'Mirabai Janmotsav', organised to celebrate the 525th birth anniversary of the poet and Krishna devotee. 
  • "Got the privilege of divine worship at Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple in Mathura. The beautiful sight of Girdhar Gopal, who resides in every corner of Braj, left me emotional. I prayed for happiness, prosperity and well-being for all his family members across the country," wrote Mr. Modi on X. 
  • The PM described the life of Mirabai as a unique example of pure devotion and faith. "Her hymns even today fill the hearts of all of us with reverence," he said, and added that for the first time since Independence, India has come out of a slave mentality. 
  • "Today, in 'Amrit Kaal', India is out of the mentality of slavery. We have taken the pledge of 'Panch Pran' from the Red Fort. We are moving ahead with the feeling of pride for our heritage," Mr. Modi said. 
  • He also released a commemorative stamp and attended a cultural event, at which local MP and actor Hema Malini performed. 
  • The PM said India has always been a land that worshipped women power and no one can understand this better than the people of Braj. "Mirabaiji, born in the heroic land of Rajasthan, awakened the consciousness of the entire India through her devotion and spirituality," he said. 

4.Special Bench on PMLA case I dissolved as Justice Sanjay Kaul will retire in December

  • A Special Bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul on Thursday decided not to continue hearing petitions challenging amendments made to the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). The sudden twist in events came at the end of the second consecutive day of hearing. 
  • The decision to dissolve the Bench was prompted by the fact that Justice Kaul is retiring on December 25 and the case required detailed hearing and there would not be enough time for drafting a judgement.
  • Justice Kaul said the decision to withdraw from the case was made with a "heavy heart" and he had very few days left on the Bench. 
  • The case has been scheduled after two months to be heard by an appropriate Bench of the top court. The Chief Justice of India would constitute the new Bench. 
  • Justice Sanjiv Khanna, who is part of the three-judge Bench with Justice Bela M. 
  • Trivedi and Justice Kaul, said the case raised complex questions which need to be gone into thoroughly. 
  • One of them was whether a mere invocation of conspiracy (Section 120B of the India Penal Code) would bring an alleged crime under PMLA even if the substantial offence was not part of the schedule of offences under the 2002 Act. 
  • Justice Khanna asked whether the mere registration of the Enforcement Case Investigation Report (ECIR) would make a person an accused. Senior advocate A.M. Singhvi, arguing for the petitioners, said the case goes right into the heart of the question of liberty. 
  • The Special Bench was hearing a series of petitions which have questioned the correctness of the apex court's judgement on July 27, 2022 in the Vijay 
  • Justice Kaul says the decision to withdraw from the case was made with a "heavy heart" and he has very few days left on the Supreme Court Bench till retirement Madanlal Choudhary case. 
  • The judgement, delivered by a Coordinate Bench of three judges led by Justice A.M. Khanwilkar (now retired) last year, had upheld core amendments to the PMLA which gave extensive powers to the Enforcement Directorate and shifted the burden of proof of innocence onto the accused rather than the prosecution. The judgement had hailed the PMLA as the law brought to end the "scourge laundering". of money
  • However, discontent over the July 2022 judgement had translated into more writ petitions being filed in the top court. 
  • They challenged the impact of the PMLA on personal liberty, procedures of law and the constitutional mandate. Review petitions were also filed against the judgement 

International News 

5.Dutch Election: Far-Right’s Wilders Aims To Be PM After Shock Win 

  • Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), secured a landmark win in the recent Dutch elections, signaling a growing shift towards far-right ideologies in Europe.
  • Wilders, known for his anti-immigration stance and admiration for leaders like Donald Trump and Viktor Orban, is eyeing the position of the Netherlands’ next prime minister. 
  • Wilders’ victory serves as a warning to mainstream parties across Europe, setting the stage for the upcoming European Parliament elections. 

6.UAE Inaugurates World’s Largest Single-Site Solar Power Plant 

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has inaugurated the world’s largest single-site solar power plant, the 2-gigawatt (GW) Al Dhafra Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Independent Power Project (IPP). 
  • The plant, located 35 kilometers from Abu Dhabi city, will generate enough electricity to power almost 200,000 homes and is expected to displace 2.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually. The project broke records in terms of cost for utility-scale solar projects. 
  • Initially, the project led to one of the most competitive tariffs for solar power set at AED 4.97 fils/kWh (USD 1.35 cents/kWh), which upon financial close, was further improved to AED 4.85 fils/kWh (US$ 1.32 cents/kWh). 

7.Mysterious Pneumonia Outbreak In China: Here Is What We Know So Far 

  • Health officials in China are currently investigating a surge in cases of an unidentified illness, particularly affecting children who are being hospitalized with pneumonia. 
  • While the situation remains unclear, initial assessments suggest that these outbreaks may be linked to a resurgence of common respiratory pathogens following strict coronavirus lockdowns, rather than the emergence of a new infection. 
  • Pneumonia is a broad term referring to lung inflammation, typically caused by infections. Common symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, fever, and chest pain. 

8.Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders wins Dutch polls

  • The party of anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders won a huion victory in the Netherlands, according to a nearly complete vote count early on Thursday, that showed a stunning lurch to the far right for a nation once famed as a beacon of tolerance. 
  • The result will send shockwaves through Europe, where far-right ideology is on the rise, and puts Mr. Wilders in line to lead talks to form the next governing coalition and possibly become the first farright Prime Minister of the Netherlands. "It is going to happen that the PVV is in the next Cabinet," Mr. Wilders said, using the Dutch abbreviation for his Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid). 
  • With nearly all votes counted, Mr. Wilders' party was forecast to win 37 seats in the 150-seat Lower House of Parliament, two more than predicted by an exit poll when voting finished on Wednesday night and more than double the 17 the party secured in the last election. 
  • Mr . Wilders got a standing ovation when he met his lawmakers at the parliament building on Thursday morning. Other political parties were holding separate meetings to discuss the election's outcome before what is likely to be an arduous process of forming a new governing coalition begins on Friday. 
  • Mr. Wilders' election program included calls form a referendum on the Netherlands leaving the European Union, a total halt to accepting asylum seekers and migrant pushbacks at Dutch borders. 
  • It also advocates the "de-Islamisation" of the Netherlands. He says he wants no mosques or Islamic schools in the country, although he has been milder about Islam during this election campaign than in the past. 
  • In a statement on its website, the Dutch branch of Amnesty International said: "Yesterday human rights were lost. A racist party won the Dutch elections." 
  • Although known for his harsh rhetoric, Mr. Wilders began courting other rightwing and centrist parties by saying in a victory speech that whatever policies he pushes will be "within the law and Constitution". 
  • His victory appeared based on his campaign to curtail migration, the issue that caused the last governing coalition to quit in July and to tackle issues such as the Netherlands' cost-of-living crisis and housing shortages. 
  • In his victory speech, Mr. Wilders said he wants to. to end what he called the "asylum tsunami," referring to the migration issue that came to dominate his campaign. 
  • The election was called after the fourth and final coalition of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who resigned in July failed to agree on measures to rein in migration. 

9.U.S. intercepts drones launched from Yemen’ 

  • A U.S. warship patrolling the Red Sea intercepted multiple attack drones launched from Huthi-controlled areas in Yemen on Thursday, the U.S. Central Command said. 
  • "On the morning (Yemen time) of November 23, 
  • "The ship and crew sustained no damage or injury," it added. 
  • The Huthis have declared themselves part of an "axis of resistance" 
  • Iran's allies and proxies retaliating against Israel's war with Hamas. The conflict has raised the spectre of a broader West Asia conflagration, with the frontier between Lebanon and Israel also seeing near-daily exchanges of fire. 
  • The Houthis in Yemen have launched a series of drones and missiles towards Israel since the October 7 start of the Israel Hamas war. On Wednesday, Israel said it had intercepted a "cruise missile" heading for the south of the country, a shot claimed by the Houthi rebels. 
  • The Huthis have also threatened to target Israeli shipping 

10.WHO asks China for more info on rise in illnesses, pneumonia clusters 

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) says it has made an official request to China for information about a potentially worrying spike in respiratory illnesses and clusters of pneumonia in children.
  • The WHO cited unspecified media reports and a global infectious disease monitoring service as reporting clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia in children in northern China. In a statement late on Wednesday, the WHO said it was unclear whether those were linked to a rise in respiratory infections reported by Chinese authorities. 
  • Scientists said the situation warranted close monitoring, but were not convinced that the recent spike in respiratory illnesses in China signalled the start of a new global outbreak. 
  • The emergence of new flu strains or other viruses capable of triggering pandemics typically starts with undiagnosed clusters of respiratory illness. 
  • The WHO noted that authorities at China's National Health Commission on November 13 reported an increase in respiratory diseases, which they said was due to the lifting of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. The media, about a week later, reported clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia in children in northern China.
  • "It is unclear if these are associated with the overall increase in respiratory infections previously reported by Chinese authorities, or separate events," the WHO said, adding that it had requested more details from China about currently circulating viruses and any increased burden on hospitals, via an international legal mechanism. 

11.Qatar says four-day Gaza ceasefire will begin today, with aid to follow 

  • A four-day ceasefire in Gaza between Israel and Hamas will begin on Friday morning, Qatar said, a day later than originally announced, as negotiators worked out final details of the deal, which is to lead to the release of dozens of hostages held by militants and Palestinians imprisoned by Israel.
  • The diplomatic break- through promised some relief for the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza who have endured weeks of Israeli bombardment, as well as families in Israel fearful for the fate of their 
  • The deal appeared to hit a last-minute snag when Israel's national security adviser, Tzachi Hanegbi, announced a one-day delay 
  • loved ones taken captive during Hamas's Oct. 7 attack that triggered the war. 
  • late on Wednesday, without providing a reason. The ceasefire was originally set to begin on Thursday morning. 
  • On Thursday, Majed al-Ansari, a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of Qatar, which played a key role in mediating with Hamas, announced the ceasefire will start at 7 a.m. local time on Friday (1030 IST). 
  • He said the two sides had exchanged lists of those to be released, and the first group of hostages held by Hamas - including 13 women and children - would be freed Friday afternoon. Increased aid for Palestinians will start to enter "as soon as possible," Mr. al-Ansari said. 
  • The Health Ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza, meanwhile, resumed its detailed count of Palestinian casual- ties from the war, saying over 13,300 have been killed. 

State News 

12.Telangana Unveils The World’s First 3D-Printed Temple

  • Telangana has unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed temple, a groundbreaking structure situated in Burugupally, Siddipet district. 
  • This innovative construction, achieved through a three-month 3D printing process, marks a significant technological milestone. 
  • The temple spans 4,000 square feet and stands at a height of 35.5 feet. It comprises three distinct parts, each dedicated to a different deity. 
  • The temple was constructed by Hyderabad-based Apsuja Infratech in collaboration with Simpliforge Creations, a 3D printing company. 

13.Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari Inaugurates The 8th India Water Impact Summit (IWIS) In New Delhi 

  • Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, recently inaugurated the 8th Edition of the Indian Water Impact Summit (IWIS) on 22nd November 2023 in New Delhi. 
  • Organized by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) and the Center for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies (cGanga), the three-day summit from November 22 to 24, 2023, brought together scientific experts, stakeholders and government representatives to address the dynamic challenges and opportunities in India’s water sector. 
  • The concurrent India Water Impact Summit (IWIS) and the 1st CITIS Summit featured technology pitches, an exhibition and innovative solutions in water, energy, waste, food, agriculture and transport. 

14.Dalit family denied entry into temple: HC refuses to quash criminal plea against accused 

  • The Karnataka High Court has refused to quash criminal proceedings against eight persons belonging to upper castes for preventing a Scheduled Caste family from entering a temple in 2016 and assaulting them. 
  • "Although temples are seen to be symbols of unity and inclusivity, denial of rights of temple entry and worship, to persons belonging to SCs and Scheduled Tribes, still looms large. This attitude of the petitioners is undoubtedly regressive for they have denied entry into a temple only on the score that the complainant and her family belong to a Scheduled Caste," the court recently observed. 
  • The case was registered on a complaint lodged by Savithramma, a resident of Vinayaka Nagar camp in Harihar, Davangere district. According to the complainant, she, along with her husband and son had gone to Gadi Chowdeshwari Temple on September 17, 2016. However, the petitioners stopped them at the entrance, insulted them with casteist slurs, and assaulted them. 
  • Justice M. Nagaprasanna passed the order while rejecting the petition filed by Panduranga Bhat, 70, Usha, 68, Sharadha, 40, Vilas Lad-va, 50, Venkata Narayana, 67, Chidananda, 63, Ravi, 55, and Uma. , 63. 
  • The petitioners belong to Brahmin, Lingayat, Pattegar, and Kamma communities, it was stated in the chargesheet. 
  • The court rejected the petitioners' contention that the incident did not occur in a public place or public view and, hence, provisions of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, cannot be invoked against them. 
  • The court said since the incident took place outside the temple door, it was certainly a public place, and contained necessary ingredients of Section 3(1)(s) and (r) of the Act for intentionally insulting/abusing members of SC community in a place within public view. 
  • "The deity in a temple doesn't belong to only a few. Worshipping of the deity, by entering into the temple, is to be given to one and all. Any kind of bigotry is unacceptable. Trial in such cases cannot be interdicted," the court said 

15.Political rivals come together to hold Kambala 

  • Keeping aside ideological differences, political rivals in Karnataka the Congress and the BJP have come together to organise Kambala, the slush track buffalo race in Bengaluru. The event is scheduled for November 25 and 26. 
  • Puttur Congress MLA Ashok Kumar Rai and BJP leader Umesh Shetty joined hands to conduct the mega event in the city for the first time. 
  • The leaders say that to promote a century-old culture, they have set aside their differences as traditional events transcend politics. 
  • The leaders, along with other members of both the Congress and the BJP, have been working for the last two to three months to organise the traditional race, which is common to the Coastal Karnataka region. 
  • Umesh Shetty, former BJP councillor in BBMP, told The Hindu, "The people from Coastal Karnataka who have settled here always wanted to showcase Kambala to the globe, and Political rivals come together to hold Kambala Bengaluru is a great platform for the same. Ashok Kumar Rai may be attached to Congress, but for Kambala, we are united." 
  • Mr. Shetty said thorough preparations are being made for the event, which has a seating capacity of 15,000, while another 20,000 people can stand and watch the race. 
  • Mr. Shetty is the organising president of the Bengaluru Kambala Committee. When asked how he felt about parties coming together, Mr. Shetty said, "I am amazed how this tradition has brought us together." 
  • Heritage of State Ashok Kumar Rai, president of the committee, said, "Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has told us to invite people cutting across party lines as the event symbolises the heritage of Coastal Karnataka. 
  • The event, which is free to attend, will be held at the Palace Grounds. 
  • On October 11, former BJP Minister C.N. Ashwath Narayan, Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar, and former Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda attended a Bhoomi Puja event. 

16.15,000-cr. case linked to Mahadev app transferred to Mumbai Crime Branch 

  • The Mumbai police, which is investigating the alleged 115,000-crore gambling and cyber fraud linked to the Mahadev Book Online betting app, has transferred the FIR to the Crime Branch citing the extensive nature of the probe. 
  • The Matunga police in the city had registered a case this month against 32 persons, including Dabur Group director Gaurav Burman, company chairman Mohit Burman, and actor Sahil Khan, under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, the Gambling Act, and the Information Technology Act.
  •  The FIR was registered based on a complaint lodged by Prakash Bankar, a social worker in Mumbai. 
  • "As law and order police cannot focus completely on a big case, the senior officials have transferred the case to the Crime Branch," an official said. 
  • Mr. Bankar had said a large number of people were defrauded of nearly 215,000 crore through the betting app since 2019. He also levelled allegations of match fixing against the accused, including the app's promoters Saurabh Chandrakar, Ravi Uppal, and Shubham Soni. 
  • The investigators said Mr. Mohit Burman has di- rect equity in one of the teams in a cricket league. 
  • The Enforcement Directorate (ED) had recently claimed that a forensic analysis and a statement made by a 'cash courier', Asim Das, had led to 'startling al- legations' that the Maha- dev betting app promoters had paid about 1508 crore to Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. 
  • 2450 crore seized Soon, the Bharatiya Janata Party released a video of Mr. Soni saying that he was the owner of the app and had 'proof of making payments of 508 crore so far to Mr. Baghel. The Chhattisgarh Chief Minister, however, rejected the claim. 
  • The Central probe agency has already arrested four persons and seized alleged proceeds of crime worth over 450 crore in connection with the case. 
  • On November 5, the Centre had issued blocking orders against 22 illegal betting platforms, including the Mahadev app, on the ED's request. The Chhattisgarh police have registered at least 75 FIRS in connection with the app and the ED has conducted a probe into the case. 

17.Home guard jawan killed after Nihangs open fire in Punjab 

  • A home guard jawan was killed and four other police personnel suffered injuries when Nihangs, members of a Sikh sect, allegedly opened fire at them in Punjab on Thursday morning. 
  • The police said there was a dispute between two groups of Nihangs over the ownership of Gurdwara Akal Bunga at Sultanpur Lodhi in Kapurthala Kapurthala Senior Superintendent of Police Vatsala Gupta said the incident occurred when the police team went to clear a group of Nihangs from the gurdwara. The Nihangs then started firing and a home guard jawan, Jaspal Singh, was killed on the spot. The situation has been brought under control and security stepped up near the gurdwara, Ms. Gupta said. 
  • Five arrested Special Director General of Police (law and order) Arpit Shukla said five persons have been arrested in connection with the incident so far and three weapons recovered from them. 
  • Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann expressed grief over the death and announced a compensation of 2 crore for the jawan's family. The incident occurred just a few days before the birth anniversary of the first Sikh guru, Nanak Dev, on November 27, 'CM should resign' 
  • The Opposition parties demanded Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann's resignation over the incident. "If the police cannot protect themselves under the Aam Aadmi Party regime, how can they safeguard the common people? Now, the time has come for the CM, who also holds the Home portfolio, to accept that he was inefficient in improving the law and order situation. Therefore, he should resign, Congress leader 
  • Partap Singh Bajwa said. "Ever since AAP formed the government, the crime rate in the State has shot up. Mann has no right to remain in this position as he failed terribly," he said. 
  • Former Deputy Chief Minister and Shiromani Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh Badal also hit out at Mr. Mann. "The police acted directly on orders from the Chief Minister and that led to the bloodshed, which could have been avoided through mature and statesmanlike handling," Mr. Badal said. 

18.Manipur conflict inquiry panel yet to hold any public hearing

  • Five months after its formation, the three member Commission of Inquiry (Co) noted by the Centre to probe the Manipur ethnic conflict has asked the members of the public to ubuilt any statement, allegation or complaint" in the form of an affidavit in the next 45 days. 
  • Though It was announced in September that the Col will hold public hearings to comprehensively investigate the ethnic violence, It is yet to hold any public hearing. either in Delhi or Manipur. 
  • On November 20, the Col issued a notification that five coples of affidavits, attested by "court, Judge, magistrate" or oath commissioners, be submitted at its Delhi office in person or through speed post. 
  • It was set up on June 4 after Home Minister Amit Shah's visit to the conflictridden State from May 29- June 1. 
  • On Thursday, however, the commission said in a press note that the district administration will provide typing facilities at affidavit execution centres at various places to facilitate the filing of affidavits by the public free of cost. The Col's other camp office is in Imphal. 
  • An official said it has been only two days since the notification inviting the affidavits was published and that they expected the documents to arrive soon.
  • The Cot has received affidavits and reports from several State government officials including the De tury Commissioners, The Hindu has learnt. 
  • Another official said plans are under way to arrange accommodation and reimburse the travel expenses of people who would want to come from Manipur to attend the public hearings. The notice for the hearings will be issued soon, the official said. 
  • More than 180 people ( had been killed in the ethnic violence that erupted between the tribal Kuki-Zo and the Meltel people in Manipur on May 3. 
  • The members of the Ku community have not been able to travel to capital city Imphal or other valley areas dominated by the Meitei people while the Mettes have not been able to go to the hill areas sace the violence erupted. 
  • Tomcha Meetes, legal adviser of Coordinating Committee on Manipur In tegrity (COCOM), a Merite civil society group, said they have held two meetings with the panel members in the past two months. "We will include all the exhibits and evidence pertaining to the violence and will submit them to the Col," he said. Lan Kipgen of the Committee on Tribal Unity (CO TU), Kangpokpl, a Kuld Zo body, said that they would be sending their legal adviser Delhi to submit vito Del deo footage and copies of first infor information reports PIRS) regarding the ongoing violence. "We have documented everything and we will be before the Mr. deposing commission," Kipgen said. 
  • The Col is headed by Justice Ajay Lamba, former Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court, and also includes one retired IAS and one retired IPS officer. 

19.Bengaluru Set To Host Namma Kambala On November 25 And 26 

  • Kambala, the popular buffalo racing contest native to the coastal Karnataka region, is all set to captivate the urban landscape of Bengaluru this weekend. 
  • The traditional folk sport, usually held in the aftermath of the southwest monsoon, will unfold its excitement at the iconic Palace Grounds on November 25 and 26. Organized by Tulukoota Bengaluru, this marks the first time Kambala has found a venue in the heart of Bengaluru. 
  • Kambala is a sport where buffaloes are driven through a slushy paddy field by a whip-wielding farmer. 

Defence News 

20. Headquarters, Integrated Defence Staff, CSIR Tie Up For R&D In Defence Tech 

  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was officially inked between the Headquarters, Integrated Defence Staff (HQ IDS) and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), focused on technical collaboration, joint research, and development in the realm of defence technology. 
  • The MoU establishes an encompassing framework to foster collaborative interactions between CSIR Labs, HQ IDS, and the Indian Armed Forces—comprising the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. 
  • The primary goal is to enhance scientific understanding of defence-related technologies and undertake joint research and development in the domain of dual-use technologies. 
  • The strategic partnership is expected to expedite the indigenisation efforts of the armed forces, promoting autonomy and self-sufficiency in defence capabilities. 

Business News 

21. Blue Dart Partners With India Post To Provide Parcel Locker Service At Post Offices 

  • Blue Dart Express has announced a strategic partnership with India Post to introduce automated Digital Parcel Lockers at selected post offices. 
  • This innovative collaboration aims to redefine the landscape of efficient and reliable logistics solutions, providing customers with an additional and convenient delivery method. 
  • These lockers eliminate the need for personal receipts or signing for packages, offering consignees a hassle-free and secure method to retrieve their shipments. The lockers keep contents safe and easily accessible, allowing recipients to collect packages at their convenience 

Economy News 

22. India’s October Crude Oil Imports Rise After Four Months Of Declines 

  • After a four-month decline, India’s crude oil imports surged in October, rising by 5.9% month-on-month to reach 18.53 million metric tons. 
  • This rebound follows a one-year low in September, signaling a shift in the country’s energy consumption trends. 
  • The increase in crude oil imports can be attributed to the rising demand for fuel during the winter season. 
  • According to Giovanni Staunovo, a UBS analyst, the seasonal uptick in demand towards the year-end played a crucial role in driving the need for increased crude oil imports. 

23.Commerce Ministry Partners With E-Commerce Firms To Boost District-Based Exports 

  • The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, has initiated collaborations with various e-commerce players to empower micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and boost e-commerce exports across the nation. 
  • As the first step in this endeavor, DGFT has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Amazon India. The primary objective is to link local producers, including those in rural and remote districts, with global supply chains. 
  • This collaboration aims to facilitate exporters and MSMEs in showcasing their ‘Made in India‘ products to an international audience. 
  • The collaboration doesn’t stop with Amazon India; DGFT is actively engaging in discussions with other prominent e-commerce platforms, including Flipkart/Walmart, E-bay, Rivexa, Shopclues, Shiprocket, and DHL Express. 

Schemes and Committee News 

24.RBI Includes PM Vishwakarma Under PIDF Scheme

  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has extended the Payments Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) scheme for an additional two years, now effective until December 31, 2025. 
  • This initiative aims to stimulate the deployment of payment acceptance infrastructure in various regions. This strategic decision is anticipated to bolster the RBI’s efforts in fostering digital transactions at the grassroots level. 
  • Based on industry feedback, the PIDF scheme is set to encourage the adoption of emerging modes of payment acceptance. This includes the deployment of technologies such as soundbox devices and Aadhaar-enabled biometric devices. 

25.TCS Claims Top Spot In Customer Satisfaction Among IT And Cloud Services Providers In Spain 

  • Indian IT giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has achieved remarkable success in Spain, securing the number one position in service delivery quality and commercial competitiveness, according to an independent survey conducted by Whitelane Research. 
  • The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality services and maintaining a competitive edge has propelled it to the forefront of the Spanish IT market. 
  • In a significant leap from its 2022 position at number eight, TCS secured the second position in customer satisfaction in Spain this year. 
  • The company received an impressive overall satisfaction score of 83%, surpassing the industry average of 78%. 

26.Release 3,216 cusecs Cauvery sewater for 38 days to T.N.: panel 

  • The Cauvery Water Regulation Committee (CWRC) has recommended that Karnataka needs to ensure flow based in the Cauvery to the tune of 3,216 cusecs at the inter of State boundary at Biligun am, dlu for 38 days from November 24. 
  • The CWRC, which met in New Delhi on Thursday, 25, said Karnataka needs to ensure stipulated quantities of flow as per the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal's award as modified by the Supreme Court for the above period. 
  • Earlier, Karnataka pleaded before the committee to desist from giving any directions for further release of water from its Cauvery reservoirs. Karnataka said it would not be able to release any water from its reservoirs so as to reach Biligundlu except the water that would be contributed from the uncontrolled catchment area. 
  • Karnataka submitted that the total shortfall in cumulative inflow to its Cauvery basin reservoirs stood at 52.24% till November 22. 
  • Karnataka said that in-flow into all its four reservoirs in the Cauvery basin had ceased and the present cumulative storage, as of November 21, was insufficient to meet the requirements for irrigation, drinking and other needs. Referring to the IMD statistics which show that rainfall was normal in Tamil Nadu since October, Karnataka said there were indications that the situation will be satisfactory in the Cauvery delta region below Mettur during the northeast monsoon season. 

Appointment News 

27.Advocate Sundaresan appointed HC judge  

  • The Law Ministry on Thursday notified the appointment of advocate So masekhar Sundaresan, whose elevation was initially opposed by the Union government because of his critical social media posts, as an Additional Judge of the Bombay High 
  • In a post on X, Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal announced the appointment. 
  • In February last year, the Supreme Coun College um had recommended Mr. Sundaresan as a judge of the Bombay High Court. However, in November 2022, the government asked the collegium to reconsider its recommendation. 
  • The Centre found Mr. Sundaresan a "highly opinionated person" who was "selectively critical on social media on the important policies, initiatives, and directions of the government" 
  • But the collegium stood firm and reiterated its recommendation for the elevation of Mr. Sundaresan. 

Important Day News 

28.Shaheedi Diwas Or Martyrdom Day Of ‘Guru Tegh Bahadur’ 

Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh, the 9th Guru of the Sikhs, martyrdom day is commemorated on November 24. He was Born on 21st April 1621, in Amritsar to Mata Nanaki and Guru Hargobind. 

In a face-off between a mughal army in Palahi village near Phagwara, the young Teg demonstrated extraordinary bravery, earning him the name Teg Bahadur, which means ‘brave sword.’ 

November 24 is annually observed as a day of remembrance and reflection on the invaluable contribution of Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh to the Sikh faith and the broader tapestry of Indian history. 

Award News 

29.Four Indian Women Shine In BBC 100 Women 2023 List 

  • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently unveiled its 11th edition of the BBC 100 Women list for 2023, featuring inspiring and influential women from various fields around the world. 
  • The BBC 100 Women 2023 list not only recognizes the achievements of these four Indian women but also highlights their significant contributions in diverse fields, inspiring others around the globe. 
  • BBC 100 Women 2023 includes four Indian women viz. Actress Dia Mirza, Cricketer Harmanpreet Kaur, Photographer Arati KumarRao, and Tibetan Buddhist nun Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo. 

30.Ishwak Singh Won Best Actor Award At Stars Asian International Film Festival 

  • Ishwak Singh won the Best Actor award at the Stars Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) for his performance in the film ‘Berlin.’ 
  • Produced by Zee Studios and Yippie Ki Yay Motion Pictures, the movie showcases a remarkable ensemble cast that includes Aparshakti Khurana, Rahul Bose, Kabir Bedi, and Anupriya Goenka in significant roles. 
  • The film “Berlin” has not only gained acclaim for Ishwak Singh’s outstanding portrayal but has also enjoyed successful screenings at several film festivals, such as the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles and Jio MAMI 2023. 

Books and Authors 

31. A Book Thread By Thread On The Life Of Shambhu Kumar Kasliwal 

  • A book, Thread by Thread, on the life of Shambhu Kumar or ‘the’ S Kumar released by Kapil Dev, at The Palace Halls, NSCI, Mumbai. 
  • The book has been written by noted journalist and author Sathya Saran and published by Penguin Random House. 
  • Thread By Thread is a personal look into the tale of Shambhu Kumar, who, starting from scratch built one of India’s most successful textile empires. 
  • The book traces his growth from being a trader to an industrialist checking the milestones to reveal the business mantra behind his phenomenal success. 

Science and Technology News 

32. OneWeb India Becomes First Firm To Get IN-SPACe Approval For Satellite Broadband 

  • OneWeb India, a subsidiary of the Bharti Group and part of the Eutelsat Group, has recently obtained approval from India’s space regulator, IN-SPACe, to initiate Eutelsat OneWeb’s commercial satellite broadband services in the country. 
  • This significant milestone positions OneWeb India as the first organization to receive such authorization, making it the sole satellite broadband services provider to secure all necessary regulatory approvals ahead of its commercial launch. 
  • In addition to the general approval for commercial services, Eutelsat OneWeb has also secured in-principle approval to establish and operate two gateways in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. 

33.Need a regulator like SEBI for AI’ 

  • India will evolve norms for regulating artificial intelligence, and the Al regulator could function like financial regulator SEBI, Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC) member Sanjiv Sanyal said on Thursday. 
  • Stating that the model of self-regulation and bureau- cratic regulation is unlikely to work in the AI space, Mr. Sanyal suggested that India could think of having a regulator that understands the technology and pays attention 
  • Sanyal says there needs to be skin in the game and ex-ante accountability and calls for regular audits 
  • He adds that some regulation for Al is needed and that Al regulatory norms will evolve reasonably fast 
  • "You need to create the equivalent (of SEBI) for the Al system. You need a retention of how it is evolving. 
  • PM's economic advisor calls for an Al regulator who doesn't waste time trying to predict Al but monitors its evolution 
  • A system has to be put in place with manual overrides just like circuit breakers In the financial market, Sanyal addaulator who understands the technology and, instead of wasting time predicting where it will go, pays attention to how it is evolving," Mr. Sanyal said. For regulating AI, a system has to be put in place, you need manual overrides just like circuit breakers in the financial market, he added. 
  • "You need skin in the game and ex-ante accountability. Just like you have boards in companies, who are accountable, you need to make sure that Al and its behaviour... ex-ante, you create skin in the game. You have to enforce regular audits. Just like you need to explain business models and accounts, you need to explain what Al is doing," he said. 
  • Mr. Sanyal said all of these things have parallels in the financial world, and this can be applied to the Al evolution and accordingly regulated. Asked how soon the regulation could come into force, he said, "It (regulatory norms) will evolve. It will happen reasonably fast". 
  • "Once we begin to think along those lines, we will need...good protocol on developing Al regulation," he said, adding that "more sensible" people now feel that some regulation for Al is needed. 

34.Centre will bring in rules to tackle deepfakes, synthetic media: Vaishnaw 

  • Minister for Electronics and Information Technology By Ashwini Vaishnaw on Thursday said the government would make rules to tackle deep fakes, synthetic media that mimics authentic images, video and audio, and set out rules to prevent their dissemination online. 
  • Mr. Vaishnaw met with representatives from social media and technology firms on the day to discuss the subject, and said the companies were all of the view that action was warranted. 
  • While advisories to social media firms have been sent warning them that the law already prevents impersonation online, the IT Ministry has said that it will now move swiftly to address the issue more comprehensively. 
  • "Within 10 days, we will come up with clear actionable items on four pillars," 
  • Mr. Valshnaw said. They are: Improving the detection of deep fakes; preventing them from spreading rapidly; improving content reporting mechanisms on social media for synthetic media (timelines currently prescribe a 72-hour limit for removing them, beyond which firms lose legal protections for such content), and building greater awareness on deepfakes among the public. 
  • Mr. Vaishnaw did not specify what legal instrument would be used for this upcoming regulation, saying there had not yet been a decision on whether the rules would come as a subordinate legislation to an existing law, whether a fresh law would be passed, or an existing Act would be amended. Labelling or watermarking Al-generated content figured majorly in the discussion with social media platforms, Mr. Vaishnaw said. "This is a basic minimum," the Minister said of the requirement. "On top of this, more will need to be done." The government's decision follows a furore over the subject after a deep face of actor Rashmika Mandanna went viral 

Sport News 

35.Anahat Singh Becomes Second Youngest To Win National Squash Championship Title 

  • 15-year-old Anahat Singh scripted history by becoming the second youngest title winner in the history of Seniore National Squash Championships. 
  • The young prodigy faced off against Tanvi Khanna in the final, where Khanna was unfortunately forced to retire midway through the match due to a knee injury. 
  • Anahat’s victory marked a historic moment, as she triumphed against her opponent who is 12 years her senior. 
  • The retirement of Khanna resulted in Anahat securing the title and etching her name in the record books as the second youngest Senior National Squash Champion in 23 years. 

36.Marlon Samuels, Former West Indies Player, Receives 6-Year Ban 

  • On November 23, Marlon Samuels, the former West Indies batter, was handed a six-year ban from all forms of cricket by the International Cricket Council (ICC). 
  • Samuels, who had an illustrious international cricket career playing 71 Tests, 207 ODIs, and 67 T20Is, faced charges related to his participation in the Abu Dhabi T10 league in 2019. 
  • The Emirates Cricket Board’s anti-corruption code was violated on four counts, leading to charges by the ICC in September 2021. 

Obituary News 

37.LeT commander, accomplice killed in J&K encounter 

  • A highly-trained 'commander' of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and his accomplice were killed in a 24-hour gunfight at Kalakote in Rajouri of Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday. One more soldier of the Indian Army died of injuries in the operation, taking the death toll to five. 
  • "A hardcore top LeT commander, Qari, and his associate, were eliminated and large quantities of warlike stores have been recovered from the encounter site. Qari was known to be the mastermind behind the Dangri incident," a Jammu-based Army spokesman said. 
  • Security agencies suspect Qari's involvement in the Dangri attack, which left seven civilians dead in January this year, and the Kandi attack, which left five soldiers dead in May this year. "Qari was instrumental in the revival of terrorism in these districts [of Poonch and Rajouri]," the spokesman said. 
  • Official sources said Qari handled around eight or nine militants in the Rajouri-Poonch belt in the past one year. Sources said Qari was a Pakistani national, who got training on the Pakistan and Afghan front. 

38.Fathima Beevi, first Woman judge in Supreme Court, dead 

  • Almost everything in the remarkable career of Justice M. Fathima Beevi, who 7 died here at the age of 96, was the first. 
  • In 1950, she was the first in student to complete a degree in law with full marks in all subjects, and eight years later, she emerged first in a competitive exam conducted by the Public in Service Commission and joined the judicial services nt as a munsiff. Years later, she became the first wo el man member of the country's Income Tax Appellate D- Tribunal, before becoming h the first Muslim woman to enter the higher judiciary as a judge in the Kerala S High Court in 1983. 
  • Determined to recast the role of women in Indian judiciary, she then went on to become the first woman judge in the Supreme Court of India, six years later. 
  • Fathima Beevi was born to Annaveetil Meeran Sahib and Khadeeja Beevi of ng Pathanamthitta in 1927. El She completed her schooling at the Catholicate High e. School and did an under- a graduate degree in Chemistry from the University T-College, Thiruvananthapuram. In line with her father's aspiration to make her a lawyer, she did a degree in law and enrolled as lawyer in November 1950, 
  • She was the Governor of Tamil Nadu from 1997 to 2001, and her most controversial decision was to ad- minister the oath of office and secrecy to former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa within hours of the AIADMK securing a majority in the Assembly election in May 2001. Jayalalithaa had suffered disqualification from contesting elections that year on account of her conviction in two 
  • TANSI land deal cases. In September that year, the Supreme Court unseated Jayalalithaa. Fathima Beevi's tenure ended abruptly in a couple of months after the swearing in of the AIADMK leader. Following the midnight arrest of then DMK president M. Karunanidhi in a corruption case, the Centre was displeased with the report submitted by her. 

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