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                                           Govt. of NCT of Delhi: 

                    Directorate of Education

                                 Examination Branch, Old Secretariat, Delhi-110054  

                    As it is well known that COVID-19 Pandemic being faced by students, teachers, parents and schools is unprecedented. In order to ensure the conducive environment to the students and considering the COVID-19 situation throughout the year, all the schools in Delhi have been closed for the students of classes up to VIII since March 2020 till date. 

However, Directorate of Education, during the lockdown period or closure of schools, has left no stone unturned to facilitate all its students. The students of each and every class of Govt. and Govt. Aided schools under Directorate of Education have been provided worksheets/assignments/semi- online teaching learning activities . Since no class room teaching —learning has taken place at the Primary and Middle level, the formal mode of pen & paper assessment is replaced by assessment based on subject wise Assignment/Projects for classes III to VIII for all Govt. and Govt. Aided schools. The weightage of marks to be allotted for classes III to V and VI to VIII is given below: 

 2.    Assessment Based on Assignments given in Winter Break:

 Subject Teacher will assess the students based on the assignments given by the subject teacher during winter break and award the marks from the maximum as mentioned in the table. 

Note:- In reference to the point No 1 & 2, Heads of Schools will ensure that the assessment should be done by the subject teachers on the basis of the worksheets/assignments already submitted by the student from time to time during COVID-19 Pandemic through digital modes/ whatsapp/ in person by the parents/guardians. Subject teachers will not ask the students/parents/guardians to submit or re-submit the previous worksheets or assignments under any circumstances. 

3. Assessment Based on Assignments & Projects to be provided from 1st March 2021 to 15th March 2021: 

Subject Teacher will allot Assignments & Projects to the students through online/offline mode between 01/03/2021 and 15/03/2021. Different set of Assignments & Projects are to be allotted in each subject among the students. 

While allotting the Assignments / Projects, subject teacher will explain the nature and method of attempting the Assignments / Projects. They should also keep in the mind that words hurting religious sentiments related to the caste, contradictory statements having double meaning etc should not be the part of the Assignments / Projects. These Assignments & Projects are to be assessed and awarded the marks from the maximum as mentioned in the table by the subject teacher. In case, the students have no digital device, Assignments / Projects to such students be allotted in hard copy by calling their parents at school following Covid Appropriate Behaviour. All currently enrolled students up to and including class VIII shall be promoted to the next class in the academic session 2021-22. 

However, the purpose of this assessment is to understand the impact of alternate learning approach that needed to be adopted under the prevailing circumstances this year. Further, the data of this assessment will also help the Directorate of Education in determining the course content and learning strategies for next session. 

 Instructions for Uploading the Marks (Only for Govt Schools):

 1. Link for online entry of the marks for classes III to VIII will be available between 15th March, 2021 and 25thMarch, 2021 after which the link will be blocked. 

2. Grades of Co-Scholastic Areas are not to be uploaded in the online marks module for the current Academic session 2020-21. 

3. Heads of Schools must ensure that entry and updating of marks for classes III to VIII is completed simultaneously within the stipulated time. 

4. Result would be declared on 31stMarch, 2021. 

5. Result Broadsheet will be available on the day of declaration of the result. Printout of the Result Broadsheet be kept for school record. 

6. In case of any error in the entry of marks or subject or name of the teacher/ No Entry of marks, subject combination & link with student, PENALTY will be imposed as per circular No.DE.5/43/04/2013-14/Exam/1553-1558 dated 13.07.2015. 

7. Link for uploading/updating /correction of marks and subjects will remain open till the date of availability of online link i.e. 25thMarch 2021. 

8. Students must be informed about the RESULT through Digital Means/Mass SMS facility/Phone Calls etc. 

9. Students not to be called in school for the result. 

10. Heads of Schools must ensure that this information is disseminated to teachers, students and their parents/guardians.

 This issues with the prior approval of the Competent Authority.


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