CBSE Class 9 and 11 Exams to be Held Offline, But No offline Exams for Classes KG to 8


CBSE Class 9 and 11 Exams to be Held Offline, But No offline Exams for Classes KG to 8

While CBSE Class 9th and 11th examinations will most likely be held offline, Delhi Government schools will not hold any examinations for classes KG to 8

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has suggested all its schools to hold offline examinations for Classes 9th and 11th and start the next academic session (2021-2022) by April 1 this year. All the schools have been asked to make arrangements for the exams strictly following the Covid-19 protocols. Many CBSE schools across the country have resumed in-person classes to prepare students for the offline exam. However, many students and their parents have been constantly requesting schools to organise online examinations due to the risk of infection with the coronavirus. Students claim that online classes are not sufficient to write the examination in offline mode.

Many private schools have decided to organize the annual exams for students in the ninth and eleventh grade in offline mode this year. According to private schools in the state affiliated with the CBSE or the State Board, students receive a correct grade when exams are taken offline. According to the dates indicated in the official website of many education board grade 9 and 11 exams will be held in March 2021 in offline manner.

"For Classes 9 and 11, schools should take steps to identify and remedy the learning gaps and thereafter, conduct examinations by strictly following COVID-19 safety protocols as per the Examination Bye-Laws," CBSE said in an official statement to school principals.

 If we talk about the educators' opinions then all of them are in favour of the offline exam as they find it the only way to conduct a fair assessment of the students' performance. In online mode, invigilation cannot be done as it is done in the examination hall. So the chances are less for the CBSE as well as state board, class 9 and class 11 exams to be conducted in online mode. Therefore, all the students should get ready with their pens and pencils to write the offline examination

You can also check here some of the very important resources that will make your exam preparations much easy and organised.

1.    Learn by writing down with pen and paper

Do not simply read and mug up the things. Instead, practice by writing down the complex questions in a notebook or sheet. While writing, make sure to pay attention to your speed. In the offline exam, you would need to write subjective answers that may take a lot of time if you had not practiced well before the exam.

2.       Solve practice papers and NCERT questions

In the last month before the exam, solve several questions in the form of practice tests. Attempt all the exercise questions given the NCERT Books. You need to be well-versed with all important topics and master confidence over the same with practice and revision. Solving different types of questions will boost your confidence and make you prepared for writing your exam perfectly.

3.       Save 10-20 minutes time to revise your answers

Do not forget to keep a margin of 10-20 minutes for reading through the entire answer sheet after finish your paper. This will help you review your answers and eliminate errors (if any). It will also act as a double check if you have missed any question(s). While reading any answer some important points or facts may come to your mind which you may add to that particular answer to make it more informative. Reviewing the paper will boost your confidence towards your performance and remove the post-exam anxiety.

Dear students, we understand your concern that writing the exam offline after reading the course online all through the year is not going to be that simple. It is obvious for you to over think about your expectations and results. But, everyone is adjusting and trying to fit in the new normal. So, you also need to have the courage to face the challenge with full confidence and achieve success in your upcoming Annual Exams 2021.

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