Mid Term & Pre-Board Examination 2020-21 , Delhi Govt. Schools

Mid Term & Pre-Board Examination 2020-21 , Delhi Govt. Schools 

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All the Heads of Schools are hereby informed that Mid Term & Pre-Board

Examinations 2020-21 are to be held as per the date sheet enclosed herewith in Morning &

Evening shifts simultaneously for the students of classes IX to XII studying in Govt. &

participating Govt. Aided & NDMC Schools of Delhi. For smooth conduct of both the Exams,

the timings of Mid Term & Pre-Board Exam are as mentioned below:

Guidelines for all concerned are given below:


1. Examination in the subjects not covered in the Date Sheet is to be conducted at school


2. It is mandatory to fill all the columns given at the first page of the answer sheet. Class In-

charges must ensure that each student of their respective class knows his/her ID.

3. Invigilator in the Examination Room must put his/her signature clearly in the space

provided on the answer sheet and also at the end where the student finishes his/her

answer / writing.

4. The blank page/space in the answer sheet must be crossed by the invigilator just after the

exam to avoid any manipulation.

5. Cutting / overwriting in marks in award list as well as in the answer sheet by

examiner is not acceptable in any exam, the same must be avoided.

6. Head of School must ensure proper sanitation, lighting, drinking water & furniture etc

during the examination days and provide stress free environment to the students

maintaining COVID Appropriate Behavior (CAB).

7. All the schools to follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Examinations

issued vide circular No DE.5/43/04/ Exam/2019-20/93-103 dated 29/01/2021.

8. SEATING PLAN must be displayed on the notice board well in advance on the day of the

exam. As far as possible, students should be seated in examination room maintaining

social distancing.

9. Proper record i.e. Account of Question Papers, Invigilation Duty Register, Seating Plan,

Supplementary sheets issued to student in exam, Evaluation Record etc must be kept in

Examination / Principal Room, in a systematic way, for inspection by the higher authorities.

10. Student shall not be allowed to submit his / her answer sheet before 12:00 Noon

(For Morning & General Shift Schools) and 05:00 p.m. (For Evening Shift Schools).

The invigilator should not compel the student for the submission of the answer sheets

before time.

11. Marking schemes in sealed envelopes will be supplied on the next working day of the


12. Guest Teachers/Contract teachers, Security guards, Visually Impaired Teachers & Group-

D employee will not be authorized by the Head of School to collect the Question Papers

Packets/ material from Zonal Distribution Centers.

13. Heads of Schools must attest the signature of the official deputed to collect Question

Papers from the ZDCs and issue authority letter daily for collection of the same.

14. While receiving the confidential material from Zonal Distribution Centers, the authorized

person will ensure that the packets of Question Papers are properly packed, sealed

and as per enrollment of his/her school.

15. The distribution of sealed packets of Question Papers from ZDC will be done from

7:00 a.m. to 08:00 a.m. (Morning & General Shift Schools) and from 12:00 noon to

01:00 p.m. ( Evening Shift Schools) to authorized official of the school.

16. In case of shortage or non-receipt of Question Papers or any other discrepancy,

Head of School will inform to Exam Branch by mail on osdexamdoeAomail.comand

contact may be made without any loss of time, with the concerned ZDC and if the

demand is not fulfilled, contact may be made with the HQ, dial 23890010.

17. Students may be allowed to enter the examination room 30 minutes before the

commencement of the examination. At the time of entry of students, invigilator must be

present therein.

18. It must be ensured that invigilators give 15 minutes, before the beginning of the exam, to

students for reading the question paper and planning for writing the answers. These 15

minutes will be in addition to the 3 hours duration of the exam.

19. Invigilation must be strict and meticulous to conduct the exam in true spirit.

20. No invigilator will leave the exam room without a reliever provided by Head of School.

21. Packets of the Question Papers will be opened only 45 minutes before of the

commencement of the examination. In case of tempering in the packets of Question

Papers or opened before the scheduled time, Examination In-charges and Head of School

will be held responsible.

22. It is not obligatory for Head of School to assign the evaluation work to the teacher teaching

the subject in the section. However, they may assign the evaluation work to one/two

subject teachers of one class to maintain the uniformity in evaluation.

23. The HOS must ensure strict compliance of the instructions by the invigilators. In

case of violation of these instructions, appropriate action will be initiated against

the concerned Head of School.

24. Conversion in the marks in respect of any subject and class will not be done at

school level.

25. Mid Term Examination for the students of class X will be treated as Periodic Test-III

and weightage of the marks will be considered accordingly (Average of Best Two

Periodic Tests out of 05 Marks) for onward submission to CBSE.

26. Evaluated answer sheets of the subjects will be discussed with students by

concerned subject teachers on 17104/2021.


1. Sealed cartons of Question Papers for Mid Term & Pre-Board Examinations shall be

delivered at all Zonal Distribution Centers (ZDCs) between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on all

the exam days.

2. All the ZDC In-charges must be present at their centers to receive the cartons by 6:00 a.m.

positively on all the examination days.

3. The distribution of sealed packets of Question Papers to authorized official of the

school will be done from 7:00 a.m. to 08:00 a.m. for Morning & General Shift Schools

and from 12:00 noon to 01:00 p.m. for Evening Shift Schools.

4. Proper Receipt/Authority Letter of the sealed packets of question papers shall be obtained

by ZDC In-charges on every examination day and kept in safe custody for further

correspondence/record. •

5. In case of delay on the part of schools in receiving the packets of Question Papers,

ZDC In charges will inform Exam Branch immediately by e-mail on


6. It is essential for Zonal Distribution Center In-charges to give preference to far flung

schools of the zone so that the examination may commence in all the schools at the

scheduled time.

7. One sealed packet per subject per class containing the Question Papers (5% of total

enrolment or 100 Question Papers whichever is less in that subject and class) shall

be available as Extra at each ZDC to meet out shortage if any.

8. Proper Record of Date-wise Distribution of Question Papers shall be maintained by the

Zonal Distribution Centers and submit it to the Exam Branch (HQ), when directed.


1. Distt. DDEs are requested to ensure that each ZDC and Govt. / participating Govt. Aided

School under their jurisdiction receives the question papers as per schedule given at point

No 1, 2 & 3 of Part-B.

2. The question papers for the examination will be provided to each school through

concerned Zonal Distribution Centre (ZDC), from 7:00 a.m. to 08:00 a.m. for Morning &

General Shift Schools and from 12:00 noon to 01:00 p.m. for Evening Shift Schools

on each day of the Exam. Distt. & Zonal DDEs are requested to ensure that these packets

of question papers are received by ZDC In-charge (Head of School)/ Teacher In-charge at

the ZDC.

3. Teacher In-charge at the ZDC should handover of question papers to the individual school

on receipt of the "Authority Letter" duly signed and stamped by the concerned HOS. The

signature given as acknowledgement by the receiving official must match the signature

attested by the HOS on the authority letter.

4. As earlier noticed, some schools create hindrance at Zonal Distribution Centers

pressurizing to issue the packets of question papers before the time or arrive late to

receive the packets. This practice does not support a smooth examination system.

District DDEs are directed to take strict action against such officer/official and

submit the report to DDE (Exam) within two days.

5. As noticed at the time of uploading the marks of Annual Examination, DDE (Zone) changes

the stream of the students of class XI after the Mid Term Exam which not only disrupts the

online module but also creates problem in uploading the marks. All the DDEs (Zone) are

directed not to change the stream after the Mid Term Exam without the approval of

the Competent Authority.

6. DDEs (Zone) will ensure that invigilator will not allow/compel any student to submit

the answer sheets before 12:00 noon for Morning & General Shift Schools and

before 05:00 p.m. for Evening Shift Schools.

7. Zonal DDEs/SPEs of the concerned Zone should monitor the distribution work at the Zonal

Distribution Center and ensure that Packets of Question Papers must not be opened

before 45 minutes of commencing the examination.

8. Zonal DDEs & SPEs shall conduct surprise inspections of ZDCs and schools during

examination days in coordination with the concerned District DDE and send their report at

osdexamdoeomail.com in the prescribed proforma to DDE (Exam) HQ.

9. The officers from the HQ will also conduct surprise inspections of ZDCs and the schools

during the examination days and take necessary action if such a need arises.


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