What after exams cancellation ? #FrustatedStudents

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that CBSE Class XII exams are being cancelled.

Author : Aashish Kumar ( RPVV Rohini)

These exams were supposed to start from May 4, but students, parents, several state governments and opposition parties have been asking to postpone the tests in view of the massive second wave of covid19 in India.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) said, "The board examination for class 12 has been cancelled. The result will be prepared on the basis of an objective criterion developed by the board."

The CBSE board has also canceled the 12th examinations. After this the question has started to arise that what will happen to the future of the children? In this regard, teachers and experts say that there will not be much impact on the future of the children, because after the results of class 12th, it is necessary to give a competitive exam to choose any major profession.

Yes, there can be disappointment for those children, who want to take admission in a college on the basis of 12th marksheet. Because the assessment of the children will be taken only after considering their previous year results. However, in such a situation, now the focus of the children should be on the upcoming competitive examinations.

In which other exams including IIT, JEE Mains are included. Now the kids have time for the months of June and July. So that they can prepare well for it. What is the expert's opinion about children's questions.

Cancellation positive÷

1) Reduce stress and anxiety

Many students, teachers and parents and the board are under stress due to decision making. Now they are a bit fearless.

2) in terms of health

We know that due to the pandemic situation of COVID, students and parents also fear to be COVID positive. Now they have survived.


I) For Board student only

Students who want their best in board exam and not got enough marks in internal assessment. They are saddened by this decision.

II) DU and other colleges

We know this covid exam was canceled as compared to last year and cutoff list/key of DU and other collages. Which was difficult to achieve.

It will be a challenge for the collage to pick up the students correctly.

III) For students appearing for competitive exams

We know of many competitive exams which were always influenced by the CBSE board exams. For example- JEE Main and Advanced, NEET, etc.

Kids Questions Expert Answers

Question: What problems can I face if I do not give my 12th exam?

Answer: Not appearing in class 12th exam is tantamount to wasting the opportunity of the exam, but because the result will be prepared keeping in mind the records of the previous years. So it will not affect the grade. In this case your result will be as per your expectation. Though it may be more or less, but it will be to the best of your ability.

Question: On what basis will I get admission in the college?

Answer The written orders of the CBSE board have not been issued yet. So it is difficult to say on what basis one will get admission in the college. Because your mark sheet will be made only after considering your previous results, so admission in the college will also be available on the same basis.

Question: What will be the effect on the preparation of the competitive exam?

Answer: For competitive exam, it is necessary to pass in 12th only exam result. So if there is no exam, it will not affect it.

Q: I had prepared very well this time. I believed that there would be very good results, but there is mental stress due to lack of exams?

Answer: Examination is necessary, but examination is not everything. You prepared, so you had good knowledge of the subject. This is your capital, which will be useful to you in future. So there is no need to take mental stress.

Question: With the cancellation of the exam, we have lost an opportunity to prove ourselves. Now what should we do next?

Answer: Preparation for the exam shows what the preparation is. The 12th exam is important, but in the current situation, more important precautions have to be taken than the exam. Anyway, the preparation done in 12th is always for the coming future. So it doesn't matter whether you have given the exam or not. It matters how well you have prepared. If you have studied all the subjects of 12th well then you will not have any problem in future.

Expert advice

As far as the future of the children is concerned, the children are engaged in preparation and give them whatever examination is there in the coming time. But for this it is necessary that he keeps on preparing continuously. The government has taken this decision in view of all the circumstances, which is welcome. Because the life of children is more important.

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