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The Government of NCT of Delhi has established Schools of Specialized Excellence in order to cater to students who have a demonstrated interest and aptitude in specific domains. These schools seek to discover, foster, and nurture student ability, thereby enabling them to realise their full potential.

Within the next two years, about 100 Schools of Specialized Excellence will be established in Delhi- each zone to have all schools of all four domains. In the first year, i.e in the academic session 2021-22, twenty schools of Specialized Excellence are being launched. Of these, 8 for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); 5 in Humanities; 2 in Performing and Visual Arts; and 5 in High-End 21st Century Skills.

Schools of Specialized Excellence are choice-based schools for grades 9 to 12 that allow students to specialize in their chosen fields of study. They feature world class infrastructure and faculties to transact new-age curriculum and assessment in the specialized domains. Partnership with expert organizations of global repute is being secured to ensure a high quality specialized education in SoSEs. Students will have the opportunity for experiential learning through projects, field visits, internships, etc in their field of interest. This will nurture students for all round development and at the same time set them up for success in their chosen area of specialization.

Schools of Specialized Excellence are affiliated to the Delhi Board of School Education (DBSE) and are designed as per the philosophy of DBSE that centres around moving away from rote memorisation through integrating assessment into the everyday practice of teaching-learning, and using assessments for learning rather than restricting them to only be assessments of learning. DBSE is collaborating with the International Baccalaureate (IB), a Global community of educationists, who have engaged with 5500 schools across 159 countries.

Students from Schools of Specialized Excellence seek to serve as examples of how a stimulating environment and the provision of specialized training and facilities, paired with deep interest and commitment, can take children to great heights in various fields, irrespective of their background.

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

School of Specialized Excellence for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) aims to provide students with a rigorous science education, supported by world-class infrastructure and specialized teaching. They will receive the opportunity to engage with leading minds in science and technology from India and abroad, and grow up to drive scientific research and innovation in the nation.

Schools of Specialized Excellence in STEM will hone students’ scientific acumen, and provide an environment that fosters excellence, so students graduating from the school may be ready for a higher education in top scientific institutes of the country such as IITs, IISc, AIIMS among others, and eventually emerge as leading professionals in their chosen fields.


Schools of Specialized Excellence in Humanities will provide a comprehensive education in the social sciences, along with relevant courses in the Sciences and Mathematics depending on student interest. The school will seek to develop a keen research mindset in students, who will grow to be leading social scientists, lawyers, journalists, and more.

Schools of Specialized Excellence in Humanities aim to equip students with skill sets such as research techniques, written and verbal communication. This will be done through an intensive and interdisciplinary humanities focused curriculum, that will enable them to develop into critically thinking, self-reflective and globally aware individuals who are well poised to pursue higher education in their chosen subjects of interest at premier institutes, and eventually contribute to social development through their work.

Performing and Visual Arts

Schools of Specialized Excellence in Performing and Visual Arts will provide an education focused on honing student talent in the fields of performing and visual arts. Special emphasis will be laid on ensuring that students are trained rigorously to achieve finesse in their chosen field of art, and given the opportunity to explore interlinkages between the arts, academics and society, so as to set them up for success as professionals and practitioners of art.

Schools of Specialized Excellence in Performing and Visual Arts aim to equip students with specialized skills and know-how in their art forms of interest that would open up pathways for further studies and training at the university level, and eventually enable them to make a career out of their choice of art. Arts will therefore be integrated and transacted as part of the curriculum. Students will be provided exposure and opportunities for performance, and will be able to obtain external certifications through tie-ups with renowned global organisations.

High-End 21st Century Skills

Schools of Specialized Excellence in High-End 21st Century Skills will provide an education focused around skill and entrepreneurship development that is relevant in the fast-changing 21st century. The schools aim to equip students with specialized skills and know-how in their field of interest that will allow them to be immediately employable in aspirational roles as well as open up pathways for further studies and training at the University level.

By adopting an applied learning pedagogy, the schools will prepare students to learn through practical experiences, develop 21st century skill-sets and take up job roles that will have high demand in the future and will require unique, academic and non-academic skill-sets to excel at. The schools will also equip students with entrepreneurial mindset and skills so that they become job-creators in their respective fields.

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