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1. Grant permanent commission to women: SC to Coast Guard 

  • The Supreme Court on Monday urged the Indian Coast Guard to ensure that women are granted permanent commission. "Women cannot be left out. If you do not do it, we will do it. So take a look at that," Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud, heading a three-judge Bench, addressed Attorney-General R. Venkataramani, appearing for the Centre. 
  • Mr. Venkataramani had pointed to functional and operational difficulties in granting permanent commissions to Short Service Commission Officers. 
  • "You must have women on board, " Chief Justice Chandrachud stood firm, adjourning the case to Friday. 
  • The top court was hearing a plea filed by Indian Coast Guard officer Priyanka Tyagi seeking the grant of permanent commission co eligible women Short Service Commission Officeers of the force. 
  • "You speak of nari shakti" (woman power), Now show it here. You are in the deep end of the sea in this matter. You must come up with a policy which treats women fairly," the court had observed in an earlier hearing. 
  • It had wondered whether the Centre was adopting a "patriarchal approach" despite judgments upholding permanent commissions to women officers in the armed forces. 
  • "Why are you being so patriarchal? You do not want to see the face of wo men in the Coast Guard... Now, the Coast Guard must come up with a policy," the top court had said. 
  • The Supreme Court had frowned on the government's suggestion to allow 10% women permanent commission, saying wo men were no "lesser beings". 

2. Centre 'examining' Indian tech firm on EU, U.S. sanctions list 

  • The government is examining details of an Indian tech company, involved in semiconductor research, that had been sanctioned by the European Union on Friday for its dealings with Russia. The company is a partner of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) for a very recent "Atma nirbhar Bharat" (Make in India) collaboration, officlals confirmed to The Hindu.
  • The company, Bengaluru-based high-tech firm S12 Microsystems, has a complex history as it has been banned by the U.S. from "dual use" technology transfers as well, and its directors had been placed on Lookout Circular (LOC) notices by Indian authorities over debt defaults. A few years ago, a director had approached courts for a waiver of the LOC so as to travel to Russia, his lawyers confirmed, indicating that the company had urgent and close ties with Russian counterparts. However, the company and its directors remained unavailable for comment on the latest 
  • European Union's latent sanctions after the second anniversary of the Russia Ukraine war have reached India 512 Microsystems (Entity number 620) has been banned from transactions within EU for "dual-use" technological goods The flum had signed a collaboration with Ministry of Electronics and and IT Madras for production of silicon chips in October 2021 thad been in the bankruptcy courts on account of non-wit payment of debits; owner was on Lookout Circular in 2021 when he sought permission to travel to Russia sanctions, which were announced to mark two years of the Russian war in Ukraine. 
  • The Ministry of External Affairs declined to comment, but officials told The Hindu all three Ministries concerned the MEA, Ministry of Commerce and Industry (CIM) And Melty were aware of the announcement, as well as the links to the government. 
  • IIT-M project partner "This is a known company that is an industry partner for a project to research fabrication of chips, that was announced in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology-Madras," an official said, confirming the government tie up that was announced last year. The official said that the government is examining the EU's sanctions announcement and whether it should contact the EU to protest the decision. "India has done nothing illegal. It is their (the EU's] Interpretation that ties with Russia are a problem. As far as the government is concerned, the sanctioned company is an industry partner and Melty's research partner," the official said, reiterating that India doesn't recognise non-UN, unilateral sanctions, 
  • When asked if any "due diligence" had been done with regard to the company, given its legal complications, the official said that the choice of partner had been made by IIT Madras, where Meity had set up the Centre for Programmable Photonic Integrated Circuit and Systems (CPPICS) in 2020, "CPPICS is forging critical partnerships, including a collaboration with $12 Microsystems in Bangalore, to deliver state-of-the-art System-In-Package solutions for silicon photonic processor cores," a Press Information Bureau (PIB) statement dated October 20, 2023 read. When asked for a comment on how the EU and U.S. sanctions might affect the plans for the project, the IIT-Madras Director's office said they were reviewing the situation and would respond shortly. 
  • Incorporated in 1993, SI2 Microsystems, which had an authorized share capital of 260 crore, says on its official website that it is a "preferred solutions provider for the Indian armed forces and public sector companies' ', as well as foreign defense companies. 
  • In November 2023, SI2 Microsystems was added to the U.S.'s restricted "Entities List" for supplying "U.5/origin integrated circuits" to the Russian milItary despite the transfers being banned after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, without the required license On Friday, the EU's latest list named St2 Microsystems India as "Entity number 620", that was part of the additions to its sanctions that began after the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014. 
  • All companies on the banned list are prohibited from any transfers or engagement within the EU jurisdiction as they have been found to "form part of Russia's military and industrial complex or which have commercial or other links with or which otherwise support Russia's defense and security sector." 
  • The Hindu reached out to S12 Microsystems directly but did not receive a response to the EU sanctions. Calls to their lawyers, who represented them in a bankruptcy matter where the company's headquarter building was attacked by the Debt Recovery Tribunal in September 2022, went unanswered. 

3. First private ammunition manufacture facility opens 

  • In a first in the private sector, two facilities for the manufacture of ammunition and missiles were opened by Adant Defence and Aerospace in Kanpur on Monday. 
  • The twin-facility complex, spread over 500 acres, was inaugurated by Army chief General Manoj Pande and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. 
  • Speaking at the event, General Pande emphasized the need for self-reHance in missiles and ammunition, and said recent geopolitical events had reemphasised the need for a reliable supply of ammunition from internal sources In preparedness for a long drawn conflict. 
  • The Kanpur complex is set to become one of the largest integrated ammunition manufacturing complexes in South Asia, Adani Defence and Aerospace said in a statement. The facilities will produce high quality small, medium and large caliber ammunition for the armed forces, paramilitary forces and the police. "The facility has started rolling out small caliber ammunition, starting with 150 million rounds estimated at 25% of India's annual requirement.” 

4. PM Maunches 2,000 railway infra projects worth 241,000 crore 

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched more than 2,000 rail infrastructure projects worth about 41,000 crore on Monday. He laid the foundation for 554 Amrit Bharat stations, a government initiative to revamp key railway stations across the country, across 27 States and inaugurated rail overbridges and underbridges. 
  • Addressing a function to lay the foundation of the projects, the Prime Minister said a developed India will be one of youngsters' dreams and they have the maximum right to decide how the country shapes up in the future. 
  • The Indian Railways is undergoing a transformation and it will benefit those who are studying in schools and colleges and those below 35 years of age, he said. 
  • Exuding confidence about the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) retaining power in the Lok Sabha election, Mr. Modi said the third term of his government will start in Jurne, and that the scale and speed with which it has been working have surprised people. 
  • "People have seen a new India being built in the last 10 years," he said, highlighting the transformation in the railways, including the launch of Vande Bharat trains, an emphasis on cleanliness and electrification of tracks. 

5. India-specific Al model to find gestational age developed 

  • Researchers have developed in India-specific artificial intelligence model to precisely determine the gestational age of a fetus in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. 
  • The model has been designed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras and the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, Faridabad. It is part of an interdisciplinary group for advanced research on birth outcomes DBT India initiative (GARBH-Ini) programme. 
  • The Garbhini-GA2 is the first late-trimester GA estimation model to be developed and validated using Indian population data. Currently models used for Western population are in use which could prove erroneous when applied in the later part of pregnancy due to variations in the l growth of the fetus in the -Indian population, the researchers say. 
  • The Garbhini-GA2 accurately estimates the fetus' age, reducing error by almost three times 
  • The Garbhini-GA2 accurately estimates the fetus' age, reducing error by almost three times. 
  • The Indian data would help to provide appropriate care for pregnant women and determine the precise date of birth, thus reducing maternal and infant mortality rates. 
  • Rajesh Gokhale, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, said GARBHIni, the department's flagship programme, was being validated across the country. 
  • Several investigators, including Himanshu Sinha, associate professor, Bhupat and Jyoti Mehta School of Biosciences, Department of Biotechnology, IIT- Madras, and Shinjini Bhatnagar, principal investigator of the programme and a distinguished professor at THSTI, were involved in the project. 
  • The findings were published in the peer-reviewed Lancet Regional Health Southeast Asia. 
  • Mr. Sinha said advanced data science and AI/ML techniques were used to build tools to predict unfavorable birth outcomes and the first step is to develop accurate GA models that perform significantly better than currently used models designed using western populations. 
  • Ms. Bhatnagar said the application of sophisticated data science tools was not sufficient. Ensuring that technological advancements yield tangible benefits in the clinical realm lies in the end-to-end partnership between clinicians and data scientists. "Such collaboration ensures that the development of solutions is not only technically sound but also clinically relevant and seamlessly integrated into healthcare workflows," she said. 

6. 25,478 people died by suicide in Gujarat in past three years: govt. 

  • The Gujarat government on Monday informed the State Assembly that more than 25,000 people, nearly 500 of them students, ended their lives due to a- curious reasons in the State in the past three financial years. 
  • According to the official data tabled by the State government on the floor of the House, 25,478 people died by suicide across Gujarat, including 495 students. 
  • In reply to a question by Congress MLA Imran Khe dawala, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel who also holds the Home portfolio-said in a written response that 8,307 people ended their lives in 2020- 21, 8,614 in 2021-22 and 8,557 in 2022-23. 
  • The maximum number of such cases was reported from Ahmedabad at 3,280, followed by 2,862 in Surat, and 1,287 in Rajkot. 
  • Some of the reasons for the suicides included mental health matters, serious illness, family problems, financial crisis, and fear of falling in examinations. As per the data shared by Mr. Patel, 249 male students and 246 female students ended their lives in the past three years. 
  • The government has deployed teams at police stations to provide counseling to depressed people, the CM said. To stop people from taking the extreme step, the State government provides counseling through helplines '181 Abhayam' and 1096 Zindagi. 

7. Modi to inaugurate three ISRO facilities today 

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi will review the progress of the Gaganyaan human spaceflight programme and dedicate three facilities of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to the na- tion during a visit to the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre here on Tuesday. 
  • Mr. Modi is also likely to announce the names of the astronauts of the Gaga nyaan programme, which, reportedly, includes a Keralite. Mr. Modi will also bestow the 'mission patches' on them. Gaganyaan, expected to be launched in 2025, envisages a demonstration of human space-flight capability by sending astronauts to orbit and returning them safely to the Earth. 
  • Mr. Modi will dedicate the Trisonic Wind Tunnel established at the VSSC, integration facilities for the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) set up at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, and the Semi Cryogenic Integrated Engine and Stage Test Facility (SIET) at the ISRO Propulsion Complex in Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu. The three facilities have been developed at a cost of ₹1,800 crore. 
  • The Trisonic Wind Tunnel has an overall length of 170 meters. With a test section size of 1.2 m, it produces a "controlled uniform airflow" over scale models of rockets and aircraft to assess their aerodynamic characteristics for optimal design development. The wind tunnel, which is the first of its kind in the country, has a Mach number range of 0.2 to 4, which means it can generate speeds ranging from subsonic to supersonic up to four times the speed of sound (Mach number 4). The tunnel will provide self-reliance in the end-to-end design of upcoming launch vehicle projects. 
  • The new PSLV Integration Facilities (PIF) at Srihariko- ta will give the ISRO the capability to increase the number of PSLV missions in a year to 15. At the new facility, the PSLV rocket will be integrated parallelly with the refurbishment of the launch pad. 
  • SIET will give the ISRO the capability to test the SCE-2000 semi-cryogenic engine which uses refined kerosene (named ISROSENE) and liquid oxygen as propellants and the rocket stage. The facility is at the ISRO Propulsion Complex in Mahendragiri. ISRO Chairman S. Somanath, VSSC Director S. Unnikrishnan Nair, and directors of various ISRO center's will attend the event. 

8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurates Major Railway And Road Infrastructure Projects 

  • Prime Minister Modi led the inauguration and laying of foundation stones for several vital infrastructure encompassing railway modernization, road overpasses, and underpasses, aiming to enhance connectivity, safety, and efficiency. 
  • The objective of this initiative is to enhance station facilities by implementing modern infrastructure, thereby improving the overall passenger experience. 
  • The scope of the project involves the redevelopment of 553 railway stations spread across 27 states and union territories. The investment for this ambitious endeavor is estimated to exceed Rs 19,000 crore. 

9. Algeria Inaugurates World’s Third-Largest Mosque 

  • Algeria celebrated the grand opening of what has been acclaimed as “Africa’s largest mosque” and the third-largest mosque in the world. 
  • Known as Djamaa El-Djazair, this monumental structure is more than just a mosque; it’s an architectural marvel and a modernist wonder. 
  • Featuring the tallest minaret ( A tall, thin tower) globally, standing at 265 meters, this structure has the capacity to host 120,000 worshippers. 10. PM Modi Inaugurates Sikkim’s First Railway Station In Rangpo 
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi ceremonially laid the foundation stone for Sikkim’s inaugural railway station in Rangpo, marking a significant moment in the state’s history. 
  • The station’s design is deeply rooted in local culture, heritage, and architecture. The inauguration of the Rangpo railway station is part of a larger initiative to enhance rail infrastructure nationwide. 
  • With over 2,000 projects valued at approximately Rs 41,000 crore, this ambitious endeavor aims to revolutionize transportation networks, fostering connectivity and economic development. 

11. Adani Group Launches South Asia’s Largest Ammunition And Missiles Complex In U.P. 

  • The Adani Group has inaugurated the Ammunition & Missiles Complex in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, along with Chief of Army Staff Gen Manoj Pande, inaugurated the complex. 
  • This complex, owned by Adani Defence, marks the first phase of the state’s defense corridor and is dedicated to the brave warriors of the Balakot strike. 
  • The complex is expected to generate approximately 4,000 jobs, with a significant multiplier effect benefiting MSMEs and the local ecosystem. 

12. Defence Minister Approves Financial Incentive Scheme For Armed Forces Personnel Excelling In Asian Games 

  • Shri Rajnath Singh has demonstrated unwavering support for Armed Forces personnel who excelled in the 19th Asian Games and 4th Asian Para Games, held in Hangzhou, China, during September-October 2023. 
  • The Ministry of Defence has announced a Financial Incentive Scheme to reward the Medal Winners, aiming to foster Recognition and Motivation among these athletes as they prepare for the Paris Olympics Games 2024. 
  • Under this initiative, Gold medal winners in both the Asian Games and Asian Para Games will receive a Cash Reward of Rs 25 lakh each, Silver medalists will be awarded Rs 15 lakh each, and Bronze medalists will receive Rs 10 lakh each. 

13. NSSO Survey Shows Poverty Down To 5%: NITI Aayog CEO 

  • NITI Aayog CEO B V R Subrahmanyam highlights key findings from the latest NSSO consumer expenditure survey, revealing a significant reduction in poverty levels to below 5% in India. 
  • He emphasizes the growing prosperity evident in both rural and urban areas, as indicated by the substantial increase in per capita monthly household expenditure. 
  • Per capita monthly household expenditure more than doubled in 2022-23 compared to 2011-12. The gap between urban and rural consumption has decreased from 84% in 2011-12 to 71% in 2022-23. 

14. US-India Cybersecurity Initiative Launched 

  • In a collaborative effort between the US Consulate and the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA), the first-ever US-India Cyber Security Initiative has been launched. 
  • The initiative aims to Unite top cybersecurity experts globally, Foster people-to-people ties in cyberspace and Create jobs and develop cutting-edge solutions. 

15. Dr. Aditi Sen De Receives 2023 GD Birla Award 

  • In a world propelled by technological advancements, quantum computing emerges as a frontier of innovation. At its forefront stands Dr. Aditi Sen De, a distinguished physicist from the Harish Chandra Research Institute in Prayagraj. 
  • Recently honored with the 2023 GD Birla Award for Scientific Excellence, Dr. De’s groundbreaking contributions to quantum technologies mark a significant milestone in scientific research. 
  • As the first woman recipient of the GD Birla Award for Scientific Excellence, Dr. De’s achievements transcend individual recognition. 

16. Scientists Achieve First Successful Laser-Cooled Positronium For Quantum Research

  • For the first time, an international collaboration of researchers has successfully demonstrated the laser cooling of Positronium, a short-lived hydrogen-like atom that provides an ideal testing ground for bound-state quantum electrodynamics. 
  • Positronium is a fundamental atom that comprises an electron (e-) and a positron (e+). Electrons and positrons are leptons, and they interact through electromagnetic and weak forces. 
  • The results could pave the way for taking up advanced studies leading to improved understanding of the physical nature, comprising matter and antimatter facilitated through the interactions between light and charged matter. 

17. Gaganyaan Mission And ISRO Projects Inauguration By PM Modi

  • PM Modi disclosed the identities of the four pilots currently undergoing training for India’s first human space flight mission, Gaganyaan, during his visit to the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC) in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram.
  • The astronauts, Group Captain P Balakrishnan Nair, Group Captain Ajit Krishnan, Group Captain Angad Pratap, and Wing Commander S Shukla, were also awarded ‘astronaut wings’ by the Prime Minister. 
  • The Gaganyaan mission marks India’s pioneering venture into manned space exploration, slated for launch between 2024-2025. 

18. Karnataka Congress MLA Raja Venkatappa Naik Passes Away 

  • Raja Venkatappa Naik, a revered figure in Surapur’s political landscape in Karnataka and a dedicated Congress MLA, bid farewell on February 25, leaving behind a rich political legacy. 
  • Naik’s tenure as a four-time MLA and recent appointment as Chairman of Karnataka State Warehousing Corporation underscored his enduring commitment to the people of Surapur. 

19. Shafiqur Rahman Barq, India’s Oldest MP And Samajwadi Party Leader, Dies At 94 

  • Shafiqur Rahman Barq, a senior leader of the Samajwadi Party and MP representing Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, breathed his last at a private hospital in Moradabad at the age of 94. 
  • Shafiqur Rahman Barq was a significant presence in Indian politics, closely aligned with the Samajwadi Party. His political journey included multiple terms as a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha, representing constituencies like Moradabad and Sambhal. 

20. Nitin Jain appointed as Deputy Secretary in Ministry of Steel 

  • Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Nitin Jain has been selected for the appointment as Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Steel. 
  • He has been selected for the appointment under the Central Staffing Scheme for a period up to March 15, 2025. 
  • Jain is an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) 2011 batch. 

Recent Appointment 

  • CEO of Jindal Stainless Ltd – Tarun Khulbe 
  • CEO of PepsiCo India – Jagrut Kotecha (replace Ahmed El Sheikh) 
  • As a member of the UPSC – Sheel Vardhan Singh 
  • MD of Bangalore Metro – Maheshwar Rao 
  • MD of Experian India – Manish Jain 

21. Sureshwar Bonal appointed as Director in Heavy Industries Ministry 

  • Sureshwar Singh Bonal (CWES) has been selected for the appointment as Director in the Ministry of Heavy Industries. 
  • Banal has been selected for appointment under the Central Staffing Scheme for five years. 
  • Bonal is a Central Water Engineering Service (CWES) officer of 2004 batch. 
  • He was recommended for the Central deputation by the Department of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation. 

Recent Appointment 

  • Secretary in Ministry of Steel – Nitin Jain 
  • Director in Department of School Education & Literacy – Sunil Sharma 
  • Director of Citizen Registration (DCR) of J&K and Ladakh – Bhupinder Kumar 
  • Director in Skill Development Ministry – Tatung Padi 
  • Punjab ‘state icon’ for Lok Sabha polls – Shubman Gill (Campaign – Is Vaar 70 Paar) 

22. Maryam Nawaz becomes first Woman CM of Punjab province 

  • Senior PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of three-time former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, became the first-ever woman Chief Minister of a Punjab province in Pakistan. 
  • Maryam, the 50-year-old senior vice president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party, won the chief ministerial elections amidst a walkout by lawmakers of former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party-backed Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC). 
  • In the recently concluded elections, PML-N won 137 seats in the Punjab Assembly while independents backed by former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) won 113 seats. 

23. SpaceX successfully launched Indonesian satellite 'Merah Putih-2' 

  • Spacex launched the Meh Putih-2 communication satellite of Indonesia from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station from Falcon 9 rocket. This was the 300th successful mission of Falcon 9 rocket so far. 
  • Once commissioned, an 8,800 pounds (4,000 kg) satellite will provide faster internet service to customers in Indonesia for the next 15 years. It will be operated by the government -owned Indonesian telecom company Telkomsat. 
  • This was the 16th launch in the year 2024 for SpaceX. The company is planning to launch 144 orbital missions this year. Falcon 9 was first launched in June 2010. Eight years later, SpaceX launched a powerful Falcon Heavy Rocket, under which there are now nine missions. 
  • The company is also working on an even bigger rocket called Starsip, hoping that it will make the settlement on Mars financially viable. 
  • Earlier this month, on 15 February this month, Houston-based aerospace company, Interested Machines, successfully launched its Moon Lander, Nova-C Lander named Odicius from Florida. The mission was the first landing by the first American lunar landing and a private -owned spacecraft in more than half a century. 

24. PM Narendra Modi launches the world's largest grain storage scheme 

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the pilot project of the world's largest cooperative grain storage scheme on 24 February 2024 at Bharat Mandapam in Delhi. This scheme has been launched under the 'Cooperation to Prosperity Programme'. 
  • The world's largest 700 lakh metric tonne storage scheme will be completed in the next five years at a cost of Rs 1.25 lakh crore. The Prime Minister inaugurated the pilot project of 'The World's Largest Grain Storage Scheme in the Cooperative Sector' in 11 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) of 11 states. 
  • Modi also laid the foundation stone for additional 500 PACS for construction of warehouses and other agriculture infrastructure. Additionally, he inaugurated a project for computerization of 18,000 PACS across the country. 
  • This will help farmers to store their produce and sell it at the right time as per their need and will also help them in taking loans from banks. 
  • The objective of this project is to connect PACS with NABARD and make them operational. NABARD has developed national level common software for this project. 
  • Computerization of PACS will not only bring transparency and modernize them but will also create many business opportunities. The Ministry of Cooperation has made new byelaws for PACS. 
  • While preparing the PACS for new responsibilities, they are also working as the center to run the PM Kisan Samriddhi Kendra. We have given them permission to sell petrol, diesel and LPG. Their sources of income are increasing in number. 
  • State governments across the country, rising above their respective parties, have accepted and implemented these bylaws despite it being a state list subject. As soon as the bylaws are implemented, Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) will be able to do 20 new types of work. 

25. Indian squash player Abhay Singh wins 'Goodfellow Classic PSA Challenger Tour' in Canada 

  • Indian squash player Abhay Singh has won the Goodfellow Classic PSA Challenger Tour title in Toronto, Canada. In the final he defeated Elliot Morris Devred of Wales 3-0. 
  • With this win, the Asian Games gold medalist won her 8th PSA World Tour title. The Goodfellow Classic, a PSA Challenger Tour squash event, consisted only of a men's singles competition. World number 66 player Abhay Singh was given the top seeding in the competition. 
  • It was Abhay's second PSA Challenger win of the season, having won the men's singles event at the Willingdon Little Masters and Senior tournament in Mumbai last month. 
  • Abhay Singh came into limelight last year when he defeated Pakistan to win a historic gold medal at the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou. She also partnered with Anahat Singh to win a bronze medal in mixed doubles. 

26. IIT Madras develops India's first septic tank cleaning robot 'Homosep Atom' 

  • The technology called ‘HomoSeap Atom’ developed by ‘Solinas’, a startup established at the Department of Science and Technology (DST)-Technology Business Incubator (TBI) of IIT Madras, solves manual cleaning methods and transforms it into robotic cleaning methods. 
  • India’s first septic tank/manhole cleaning robot ‘Homosep Atom’, which offers an end-to-end solution to eliminate the practice of manual scavenging, is strengthening the cleanliness drive in different corners of the country. 
  • It has reached 16 cities in different parts of India and empowers comprehensive blade cleaning, solid waste desilting, suction and storage on a single device; Which reduces the cost of ownership of many properties and promotes robotic cleaning in sewers. 
  • Solinas, a startup, has developed this affordable robotic solution integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to inspect, clean and manage confined spaces for sanitation purposes. This helped in clearing manhole blockages and reducing sewer overflows in Madurai. 
  • The application of Homosep Atom was also extended to the complex streets of densely populated areas of Chennai. Targeting septic tanks attached to large apartments, housing boards and individual homes, the process enabled municipalities to quickly and efficiently collect, clean and transport waste to treatment plants. 
  • Additionally, sanitation workers were empowered with manhole cleaning robots, which enabled them to clean manholes from outside and avoid inhaling toxic environments, thereby bringing respect to sanitation workers. 
  • .The startup specializes in developing miniature robots, including India's first 90 mm water robot and 120 mm sewer robot.

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