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1. LPG refill at 1500, 200 units free power. schemes launched 

  • Asserting that the Congress government is committed to implement the six guarantees it has promised to the people, Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy has said that his government aims at setting up "Telangana Model" in the implementation of welfare schemes as a benchmark for other States to follow. 
  • The government had started implementation of two guarantees, free bus travel for women and enhancement of coverage under Aarogyasri from 15 lakh to 10 lakh within 48 hours of Congress taking over the reins. The Chief Minister on Tuesday 
  • Telangana CM Revanth Reddy has launched two more guarantees, two more guarantees, refill of domestic LPG cylinders at ₹500 each and power supply up to 200 units a month free of cost for eligible families. 
  • He said the State had cut down wasteful expenditure and was following financial discipline enabling it to implement the schemes in the larger interests of the people. 

2. AirAsia to connect six more к Indian cities by end of 2024 

  • Malaysia-based low cost carrier AirAsia is planning to add six more Indian cities to its route map by the year end, most of which would be Tier 2/3 cities, said a top official. 
  • The airline connects 14 Indian cities from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. "Jaipur will be added on April 21, Visakhapatnam on April 26 and Ahmedabad on May 1, followed by Patna, Aurangabad and Calicut," said AirAsia's Chief Airports Officer, Kesavan Sivanandam. 
  • "With this, we would exhaust all bilateral routes. We have already started discussions to explore new routes. India is a key and crucial market for us. It accounts for 18% of revenue. AirAsia has a market share of 51% between India and Malaysia," he said. 
  • The airline is focusing on tier-2/3 cities like Coimbatore, Madurai, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram and Ranchi, but it faces a dearth of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) slots, Mr. Sivanandam added. 
  • He said the airline has 200 aircraft and another 25 will be added in about T two months, which would be a return to its pre-pandemic strength. Besides, it has also placed orders for 650 new aircraft. 
  • On the divestment of AirAsia India to Tata Sons, Mr. Sivanandam said it was a strategic decision as the airline wishes to focus on ASEAN markets. 
  • A Malaysian Tourism official said 5.87 lakh Indians visited Malaysia in the first 11 months of 2023, up from 4.62 lakh in the same period in 2022. He expects 7-9 lakh arrivals in 2024 as Indians enjoy visa free entry till the year end. 

3. Similipal seeks more female tigers from other regions 

  • Concerned over the sizeable number of pseudo-melanistic tigers in its Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR), largely due to Inbreeding, the Odisha government has written to the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to consider introducing female tigers from other landscapes to the reserve, 
  • According to the All Odisha Tiger Estimation (AOTE 2023-24) report, which was released on Monday, 30 tigers were found in the State's forests. With 24 adult tigers, the STR currently holds the largest share of the State's tiger population. It also houses all adult female tigers in the State. 
  • "A total of 13 adult tigers (seven females and six males) were found to be pseudo-melanistic in Similipal. No other wild habitat in the world has pseudo-melanistic tigers," the report said. "The presence of 
  • Noida Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar, UP. 201 306, on behalf of THG PUBLISHING PVT LTD, Chemelanistic [almost black] tigers are surely a result of inbreeding in the present tiger population of the reserve. However, it is not a cause of concern. We want to increase genetic diversity in Similipal, for which we want to Introduce female tigers from other regions," said Susant Nanda, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife). 
  • He added that the process of introducing female tigers from other regions would "take time and be done after conducting proper studies". 
  • According to a study conducted by multiple authors, including molecular ecologist Uma Ramkrishnan, approximately 37% of the tigers in STR are pseudo-melanistic-a condition characterized by wide, merged stripes. 
  • Similipal's tigers are also found to move within an isolated habitat, although it has one of the largest tracts of contiguous forest. 
  • In 2018, the State government had initiated a programme in Satkosia to introduce three pairs of tigers from Madhya Pradesh. While one pair was successfully relocated, another tiger fell victim to poachers' traps 

4. DGCA firm on implementing L new duty norms for pilots 

  • The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) says it will not go back on its new directive for airlines to provide more rest to pilots despite a demand from the industry to extend the June deadline for its implementation. The industry has warned that the directive will lead to a shortage of pilots, resulting in flight cancellations and hikes in air fares during the peak summer travel season. 
  • The Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA), a group of domestic airlines, in its letter to the DGCA, called the six-month deadline until June for implementing the new duty norms "inadequate". Following concerns from pilots about rising fatigue levels, the revised "flight duty time limitation", issued by the regulator on January 8, curtailed night-time flying as well as enhanced weekly rest. The FIA includes Air India, Spicejet, and IndiGo. 
  • "We have given a reasonable period of six months to airlines to go back to the drawing board and plan," a top DGCA official told The Hindu on the condition of anonymity. The official added that this timeline was provided keeping in mind that a commercial pilot license holder, who has completed his type rating (or training on a specific type of aircraft such as an A320 or Boeing 737 MAX), did not need more than four months to be released for flying by an airline. 
  • Airlines contend that such training could take "eight to 10 months". 
  • A senior airline executive said that the new norms would require airlines to recruit "10% to 20%" more pilots at a time when the existing strength of pilots in airlines is already stretched. 
  • "Our pilots strength and fleet size are neck and neck. We will have no choice but S to scale back operations. This will push up airfares. We are already saddled by cancellations in Mumbai ordered by the government to manage congestion," the executive said. 
  • In response, the senior DGCA official cautioned air lines "scaremongering". against 
  • "The new duty norms are based on empirical data, and balance the industry's growth as well as safety concerns," the official said. 
  • The regulator has now asked various airlines to provide data on the number of first officers and commanders released for flying with them, and those who are under training. 
  • The new norms broadly denied the definition of night flying, which was earlier considered to be from midnight to 5 a.m., by raising the upper ceiling to 6am. 
  • It also said that a night duty could not have more than two landings, instead of the six permitted earlier. These are the two important clauses opposed by airlines. 

5. 10,000 genome' project completed, says govt. 

  • The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) on Tuesday officially announced the completion of the 10,000 genome project , an attempt to create a reference database of whole-genome sequences out of India. 
  • While India first sequenced a complete human genome in 2006, creating a database that is representative of India's population diversity is seen as a key step to being able to learn about genetic variants that are unique to India's population groups and use that to customize drugs and therapies. 
  • About 20 institutions across India are involved in the project with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru and the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad being the lead institutions coordinating the project. 
  • The Indian population of 1.3 billion consists of over 4,600 population groups, and many of them are endogamous. These factors have contributed to the genetic diversity of the current population. Thus, the Indian population harbors distinct variations and often many disease causing mutations are amplified within some of these groups. "There are harmful mutations that are less prevalent in the world but located in endogamous groups at a high frequency [relative to their population] in India," said Kumaraswamy Thangaraj of the CCMB and one of the leaders of the initiative. "This has been a revolutionary initiative but going ahead we will need to sample many more thousands of genomes to pick out more, rare mutations." The main outcomes would be to gain deeper insight into India's population diversity, improve diagnostic methods and medical counseling, find genetic predispositions to disease, develop personalized and customisable drugs, improve gene therapy and throw more light on individual susceptibility to infectious disease. Y. Narahari of the IISc said the creation of a biobank housing 20,000 blood samples (from which genomes were sequenced) at the Centre for Brain Research, IISc, coupled with data archiving at the Indian Biological Data Centre "exemplified" the project's commitment to transparency, collaboration, and future research endeavors. 

6. Eye on $1-tn-economy, Ajit Pawar tables 26,00,522-cr. interim Budget for Maharashtra 

  • The Navi Mumbai International Airport is progressing faster and its first phase will be operational by March next year, said Maharashtra Finance Minister Ajit Pawar on Tuesday as he presented the interim Budget of ₹6,00,522 crore in the Assembly. 
  • Mr. Pawar, also the Deputy Chief Minister, said capital investment in the State was being enhanced substantially to achieve the $1- trillion-economy goal. 
  • Mr. Pawar added that the Union government sanctioned goods and services tax (GST) compensation worth 18,618 crore to the State for the current fiscal and an interest-free loan of 27,057.73 crore for 50 years under the 'Scheme for Special Assistance for Capital Investment'. 
  • Of the total Budget, with revenue receipts to the tune of ₹4,98,758 crore in the next fiscal, the revenue expenditure was projected at ₹5,08,492 crore, while the revenue deficit was 16,112 crore, and the fiscal deficit was ₹99,288 croгe with a total outlay of 1,92,000 crore. Mr. Pawar said that land acquisition for India's first bullet train, the Mumbai to Ahmedabad high-speed rail project, was nearing completion in Maharashtra, and the 11-km-long coastal road from Nariman Point to Worli was in the final stage. "This route will save around 70% of travel time and 34% of fuel," he said. 
  • "A new scheme 'Magel Tyala Solar Krushi Pump' will also be launched for the farmers, under which 8.50 lakh solar agricultural pumps will be installed. Necessary funds will be made available in the next two years to solarise all lift irrigation schemes in the State," he said. 
  • Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Uddhav Thackeray criticized the interim Budget, labeling it "poll-oriented and contractors". 

7. The world's first Vedic clock will be inaugurated in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. 

  • The world's first Vedic clock, designed to display time according to the ancient Indian traditional almanac, has been erected on an 85-foot tower within Jantar Mantar near the government Jiwaji observatory in Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain district and will be unveiled by PM Modi on 1 March 2024.
  • This unique watch will display information related to Vedic Hindu calendar, planetary positions, muhurat, astrological calculations, predictions and will also tell Indian Standard Time (IST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 
  • This clock will calculate the time from one sunrise to the next. The two sunrises will be divided into 30 parts, each hour consisting of 48 minutes. Readings will start at 0:00 and sunrise works for 30 hours (one hour of 48 minutes). 
  • The Tropic of Cancer passes through Ujjain. Ujjain is considered the center of time calculation, hence the Vedic clock is installed here. Historically, Ujjain played an important role in determining the world standard time 300 years ago. 
  • The foundation stone of the Vedic clock was laid on November 6, 2022 by the then Higher Education Minister and current Chief Minister of the state, Mohan Yadav. 
  • Ujjain has attained a place of great importance in the field of astronomy. Maharaja Sawai Raja Jai Singh of Jaipur built this observatory in 1719. Apart from this, observatories were built in Jaipur, Delhi, Mathura and Varanasi. 

8. Mexico declared the new President of FATF 

  • Mexico's Elisa de Anda Madrazo has been named the new chair of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) – only the second woman to hold the hugely influential role. Mexico will preside for 2 years.
  • De Anda served as Vice-President to Dr. Markus Pleyer of Germany (2020–2022) and was reappointed for a second term from July 2021 to June 2023. De Anda currently serves as Director General in Mexico's Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. Previously, he served as attaché at the Mexican Embassy in Washington DC (2015–2019). 
  • Recently, UAE, Uganda, Barbados and Gibraltar have been removed from the 'grey list' by the leading global watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in the 5th conference in Paris chaired by Singapore's T Raja Kumar. 

Financial Action Task Force: 

  • FATF is the global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog which was established in 1989 at the meeting of G-7 countries held in Paris. Its purpose was to investigate and develop measures to combat money laundering. 
  • In 2001, the FATF expanded its mandate to include efforts to combat terrorist financing following the 9/11 attacks on the United States. In April 2012 it added efforts to counter the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). 
  • India joined the list of 'observer' countries in 2006 and became a full member of FATF in 2010. Its secretariat is based at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) headquarters in Paris. Iran, North Korea and Myanmar are three countries blacklisted. 

9. Ministry of Women and Child Development and Ministry of AYUSH launch 'Mission Utkarsh' initiative to control anemia among adolescent girls 

  • An MoU was signed between the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the Ministry of AYUSH on February 26, 2024 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi under 'Mission Utkarsh' for implementation of a project to control anaemia in adolescent girls through Ayurvedic interventions in five districts. 
  • Both the Ministries have jointly decided that in the first phase, focus may be on improving anaemia status of adolescent girls (14-18 years) in five Aspirational Districts of Assam-Dhubri; Chhattisgarh-Bastar; Jharkhand - West Singhbhum; Maharashtra - Gadchiroli; Rajasthan - Dholpur. 
  • The Union Minister of Women and Child Development announced that the Ministry will also launch a joint venture with the Ministry of AYUSH and ICMR for effective interventions like Yoga in Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) among adolescent girls. 
  • The Union Minister expressed hope that India can lead in the prevention of anemia by providing cost-effective and palatable AYUSH medicines for better compliance with minimal adverse effects. 
  • He highlighted the coming together of 18 ministries to address the issue of Poshan (Nutrition Campaign). The minister also mentioned that, for the first time, AYUSH interventions are being evaluated by ICMR. 
  • Under this Mission Utkarsh programme, more than 94,000 adolescent girls in the age group of 14-18 years, registered under nutrition tracker at approximately 10,000 Anganwadi centers, will be benefited over the 12 month period of the programme.
  •  The coordinating agency for the project will be the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS). Classical Ayurveda medicines (Drakshavaleh and Punarnavadi Mandur) will be provided for a period of 3 months for better nutrition to improve the health of adolescent girls suffering from anemia. 

10. PM Modi inaugurates ‘Bharat Tex 2024’ in New Delhi .

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated ‘Bharat Tex 2024’ at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. 
  • The event is one of the largest global textile events ever held in the country. 
  • The event is being organized at Bharat Mandapam and Yasho Bhoomi, two of the largest exhibition centers in India. 
  • The event was attended by over 3000 exhibitors and traders from approximately 100 countries and approximately 40,000 visitors. 
  • Bharat Tex 2024 is built on the twin pillars of trade and investment, with a strong focus on sustainability. 

11. Justice AM Khanwilkar to be new Lokpal of country 

  • President Droupadi Murmu has appointed Former Supreme Court Judge Justice Ajay Manikrao Khanwilkar as the new chairperson of Lokpal him along with six members. 
  • Justice Lingappa Narayana Swamy, Justice Sanjay Yadav and Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi will be the Judicial Members of the Lokpal. 
  • The others members of Lokpal are Sushil Chandra, Pankaj Kumar and Ajay Tirkey. 
  • Justice Khanwilkar will be the second Lokpal in India, succeeding Pinaki Chandra Ghose who retired in May 2022 after serving a two-year tenure. 
  • Currently, the acting chairperson and judicial member of Lokpal is Justice Pradip Kumar Mohanty, former Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court. 
  • The appointment of the new Lokpal of India was announced nearly three weeks after a selection committee composed of the Chief Justice of India, Prime Minister, Speaker of Lok Sabha, and the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha. 

About Lokpal 

  • The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill 2011 was passed by the Parliament on December 17, 2013. The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 received the Hon’ble President’s assent and was notified on January 1, 2014.
  • The act became effective on January 16, 2014, and was amended once in 2016 since its notification. 
  • The Lokpal is responsible for investigating allegations of corruption against public functionaries who fall within the scope and ambit of the Act. 
  • The Lokpal is composed of a chairperson and eight members, of which 50% are judicial members. 
  • The Lokpal has the authority to investigate allegations of corruption against individuals who hold certain positions in the government, including the prime minister, ministers in the Union government, members of Parliament, and officials of the Union government under Groups A, B, C, and D. 
  • The term for members is five years, or until they turn 70 whichever is earlier. 

Recent Appointment 

  • Director (Operations) of NTPC – Ravindra Kumar 
  • Director in Heavy Industries Ministry – Sureshwar Bonal 
  • Secretary in Ministry of Steel – Nitin Jain 
  • Director in Department of School Education & Literacy – Sunil Sharma 
  • Director of Citizen Registration (DCR) of J&K and Ladakh – Bhupinder Kumar 
  • Director in Skill Development Ministry – Tatung Padi 

12. 28 February – National Science Day 

  • .National Science Day is celebrated every year on February 28 to commemorate the discovery of the ‘Raman Effect’. 
  • Objective – To raise awareness about the importance of science and its role in improving the lives of people. 
  • Theme 2024 – Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat 
  • The National Science Day was first observed on the day when Indian Physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (C V Raman) announced the discovery of the “Raman Effect” in 1928, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930. 
  • He was the first Indian to receive this prestigious award in the field of science. 
  • The Raman Effect is the phenomenon when light traverses a transparent material, and some of the light that is deflected changes in wavelength. 
  • The history of National Science Day can be traced back to 1986 when the Indian government accepted the proposal of the National Council for Science and Technology Communication and designated February 28 as National Science Day to commemorate the discovery of the “Raman Effect”. 

13.C-DOT Wins 3 Awards For Telecom Innovations At 14th Aegis Graham Bell 

  • Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT), the premier Telecom R&D centre of the Government of India, has clinched the top position in three categories at the esteemed 14th Annual Aegis Graham Bell Awards. 
  • The categories are: 1) Innovation in AI: ASTR Project, 2) Innovation in Social Good: CEIR Solution and 3) Innovation in Telecom: Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Product. 
  • The event, held on February 21, 2024, at the NDMC Convention Centre, New Delhi, witnessed C-DOT’s groundbreaking innovations being recognized and celebrated. 30. Namibia’s Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton Smashes Fastest T20I Hundred 
  • Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton, the dynamic Namibian batter, etched his name in cricketing history by scoring the fastest T20 International (T20I) century in a blistering innings against Nepal. 
  • Loftie-Eaton’s extraordinary feat occurred during the first T20I of the Tri-Nation series on Tuesday, February 27, leaving fans and pundits in awe of his remarkable display of power-hitting.

14. 26 February to 1 March – Financial Literacy Week 

  • Starting in 2016, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has consistently allocated each year to the observance of Financial Literacy Week (FLW). 
  • The designated theme for the Financial Literacy Week scheduled from February 26 to March 01, 2024, is “Make a Right Start – Become Financially Smart”. 
  • The theme for this year, is targeted towards young adults, mainly students. 
  • The objective is to increase awareness on the advantages of inculcating financial discipline from an early age with inputs on saving, budgeting, power of compounding, banking essentials and cyber hygiene. 

15. Reliance Launches “Vantara,” A National Initiative For Animal Welfare 

  • Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation have launched a bold initiative, Vantara (Star of the Forest), dedicated to the rescue, treatment, care, and rehabilitation of animals in need. 
  • This ambitious program is spearheaded by Anant Ambani. Vantara’s core lies in a sprawling 3,000-acre sanctuary within the Green Belt of Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery Complex in Gujarat. 
  • This space has been meticulously transformed into a jungle-like environment, providing rescued animals with a natural and enriching habitat to heal and thrive. 

16. Government Launches ‘Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye’ Campaign In Higher Educational Institutions 

  • The government has announced the initiation of the ‘Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye’ campaign in higher educational institutions nationwide starting from February 27, 2024. 
  • This campaign aims to foster active participation among the youth in the electoral process, emphasizing the significance of voting for the betterment of the nation. 
  • Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan urges the youth to raise their voices through the ballot box. He underscores PM Modi’s appeal to first-time voters and the youth to exercise their voting rights extensively. 

17. Lord Buddha Sacred Relics Enshrined In Thailand 

  • In a ceremony, the Holy Relics of Lord Buddha and His Two Disciples were enshrined for public reverence. A procession, emanating from the national museum, showcased the cultural heritage of Thailand. 
  • The Governor of Bihar, Shri Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar, presented the Holy Relics of Buddha to Thai Prime Minister (Chairman), Mr. Srettha Thavisin. 
  • This parade, spanning 26 days, celebrated the spiritual significance of the Relics and highlighted the friendship between India and Thailand, symbolized by the display of their national flags and cultural exhibitions. 

18. Uttarakhand To Become Third State Enacting Law Holding Rioters Liable For Damages 

  • The Uttarakhand government will introduce a bill to hold rioters responsible for damage to both government and private property. 
  • In the upcoming budget session, they intend to present the Uttarakhand Public and Private Property Damage Recovery Bill, aiming to make rioters financially liable for losses resulting from protests or strikes. 
  • Uttarakhand is poised to become the third state, after Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, to enact such a law. The move aligns with the govt’s agenda to maintain law and order and protect public and private assets from unlawful destruction. 

19. Chief Minister Prof Dr Manik Saha Inaugurates 2nd State Level Shehri Samridhi Utsav 

  • Chief Minister Prof Dr Manik Saha inaugurated the 2nd State Level Shehri Samridhi Utsav organized by Tripura Urban Livelihood Mission at Children’s Park, Agartala. 
  • The event aimed at fostering urban livelihood opportunities and empowering women in the region. Chief Minister Prof Dr Manik Saha underscored key initiatives undertaken by the state government to support women’s empowerment. 

20. Tripura CM Inaugurates Jagannath Dighi Waterfront Development Project In Udaipur 

  • The Tripura Chief Minister, Dr. Manik Saha, marked a pivotal moment in the state’s development with the inauguration of the Jagannath Dighi Waterfront Development Project in Udaipur. 
  • The inauguration ceremony witnessed the unveiling of the renovated Jagannath Dighi, symbolizing a new chapter in Udaipur’s development. 
  • The project aims to rejuvenate the water body and its surroundings, fulfilling the aspirations of the local community and bolstering the area’s appeal to tourists. 

21. Telangana Government’s Decision To Scrap Hyderabad Pharma City 

  • In a significant move, the Telangana government has opted to discontinue the much-touted Hyderabad Pharma City project, citing legal complexities, farmer protests, and environmental concerns. 
  • The decision stems from legal entanglements surrounding the project. Ongoing farmer protests have contributed to the government’s decision. 
  • As an alternative strategy, the government plans to establish Pharma Villages to decentralize the growth of the pharmaceutical industry across the state. 

22. PM Narendra Modi Inaugurates ISRO’s Second Spaceport In Tamil Nadu 

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) second spaceport in Kulasekarapattinam, Tamil Nadu. 
  • The project is estimated to cost Rs 950 crore. It aims to cater to the growing demand for satellite launches, particularly for small satellites. 
  • The new spaceport, sprawling over 2,233 acres, offers strategic advantages. Its location promises fuel savings and more efficient satellite launches compared to the existing facility in Sriharikota. 

23.Adani Group Invests $362 Million In Local Defence Factories 

  • Gautam Adani’s conglomerate inaugurated two defense facilities in northern India, representing an investment of 30 billion rupees ($362 million). 
  • These facilities, established by Adani Defence & Aerospace, signify India’s drive towards self-reliance in defense manufacturing. 
  • Located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, the facility covers 500 acres and is dedicated to manufacturing small, medium, and large caliber ammunition for the armed forces, paramilitary units, and police 

24.NATO Launches Steadfast Defender 2024 Military Exercise 

  • The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) launched its largest military exercise in Europe in decades, Steadfast Defender 2024, in late January 2024. 
  • This large-scale operation, conducted against the backdrop of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, serves as a potent symbol of NATO’s collective military might and unwavering commitment to the security of its member states. 
  • The exercise strategically encompasses various European countries, with a particular focus on nations bordering the Baltic Sea, a critical region due to its proximity to Russia’s exclave Kaliningrad and its economic importance for oil exports. 

25.Reserve Bank Of India Observes Financial Literacy Week 2024 

  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is promoting financial literacy among young adults through their annual Financial Literacy Week (FLW) campaign, held from February 26 to March 1, 2024. 
  • This year’s theme, “Make a Right Start – Become Financially Smart,” with emphasis on “Saving and Power of Compounding”, “Banking Essentials for Students” and “Digital and Cyber Hygiene” which aligns with overall strategic objectives of the National Strategy for Financial Education: 2020-2025. 

26. KPDCL Extends Amnesty Scheme For Domestic Consumers In Jammu & Kashmir 

  • KPDCL (Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited) has extended its amnesty scheme for domestic consumers in Jammu & Kashmir. 
  • The scheme allows consumers to clear outstanding electricity dues in easy installments without late payment surcharges. KPDCL emphasizes that this is likely the final extension of the amnesty scheme. 
  • KPDCL has instructed its staff to finalize the list of eligible domestic consumers who can avail benefits under the extended amnesty scheme. This ensures transparency and facilitates smooth implementation of the scheme. 

27.India’s Position At 42 In The Global Intellectual Property Index 2024 

  • The US Chamber of Commerce recently unveiled the 12th edition of its International Intellectual Property (IP) Index, offering a comprehensive evaluation of the IP landscape across the globe. 
  • This year’s index ranked 55 economies, assessing their IP frameworks’ effectiveness in fostering innovation and creative industries. India secured the 42nd position out of the 55 countries evaluated, with an overall score of 38.64 percent. 
  • The United States retained its position at the pinnacle, followed closely by the United Kingdom and France, highlighting the critical role of robust IP systems in economic development. 

28.World Gold Council Appoints De Beers’ Sachin Jain As Chief Executive Officer 

  • The World Gold Council (WGC), representing global gold miners, has named Sachin Jain as its new CEO for India, effective from March. 
  • Jain joins WGC India from De Beers, where he served in various senior capacities over the past 13 years. Notably, as Managing Director of De Beers India, he spearheaded the De Beers Forevermark business in India and West Asia. 
  • Prior to his stint at De Beers, Jain held significant roles at renowned companies such as Lladro, Swatch Group, and Benetton. His diverse experience spans over two decades, reflecting his versatile skill set and strategic acumen. 

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