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January Month Worksheets ( 2021-22 New)

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➤ All Worksheets 24 Jan to 29th Jan  👉 [Click Here]

February Month Worksheets ( 2021-22 New)

➤ All Worksheets 31st Jan to 4th Feb  👉 [Click Here]➤ All Worksheets 7th Feb to 11th Feb  👉 [Click Here]


All  New Worksheets (2021-22) for class KG to 9 (Updated)

➤ All Worksheets 05-Apr to 10-Apr        👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 12-Apr to 17-Apr        👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 05-July to 10-July       👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 12-July to 17-July       👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 19-July to 24-July       👉[Click Here]                    Assessment   19-July to 24-July            👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 26-July to 31-July     👉[Click Here]                        Assessment   26-July to 31-July        👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 02 Aug to 07 Aug    👉[Click Here]                         Assessment   02 Aug to 07 Aug       👉[Click Here]

➤  All Worksheets 09-Aug to 14-Aug    👉[Click Here]                          Assessment   09-Aug to 14-Aug       👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 16-Aug to 21-Aug    👉[Click Here]                        Assessment   16-Aug to 21-Aug       👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 23-Aug to 28-Aug    👉[Click Here]                         Assessment   23-Aug to 28-Aug       👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 30-Aug to 04-Aug    👉[Click Here]                         Assessment   30-Aug to 04-Aug       👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 06-sep to 11-sep    👉[Click Here]                             Assessment   06-sep to 11-sep       👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 13-sep to 18-sep    👉[Click Here]                         Assessment   13-sep to 18-sep       👉[Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 20-sep to 25-sep    👉 [Click Here]                         Assessment   20-sep to 25-sep       👉 [Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 27 Sep to 2 Oct    👉 [Click Here]                            Assessment   27 Sep to 2 Oct       👉 [Click Here]

October Month Worksheets ( 2021-22 New)

➤ All Worksheets 04-Oct to 09-Oct    👉 [Click Here]                 Assessment   04-Oct to 09-Oct   👉 [Click Here].

➤ All Worksheets 11-Oct to 16-Oct 👉 [Click Here]           Assessment   11-Oct to 16-Oct        👉 [Click Here]

November Month Worksheets ( 2021-22 New)

➤ All Worksheets 01-Nov to 06-Nov 👉 [Click Here]           Assessment   01-Nov to 06-Nov        👉 [Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 08-Nov to 13-Nov 👉 [Click Here]                        Assessment   08-Nov to 13-Nov        👉 [Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 15-Nov to 20-Nov 👉 [Click Here]                        Assessment   15-Nov to 20-Nov        👉 [Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 22-Nov to 27-Nov 👉 [Click Here]            Assessment   22-Nov to 27-Nov        👉 [Click Here]

December Month Worksheets ( 2021-22 New)

➤ All Worksheets 13-Dec to 18-Dec  👉 [Click Here]            Assessment   13-Dec to 18-Dec        👉 [Click Here]

January Month Worksheets ( 2021-22 New)

➤ All Worksheets 17th Jan to 22nd Jan  👉 [Click Here]

➤ All Worksheets 24 Jan to 29th Jan  👉 [Click Here]


All  Old Worksheets (2020-21) for class 6 to 12 (Updated)

 ➤   All Worksheet 26 Oct to 31 Oct        👉  [Click Here]
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a piece of paper with questions or exercises on it that you use when you are studying something Education holds the key to economic growth, social transformation, modernization and national integration. The National Policy on Education formulated in 1986 and modified in 1992 aims to provide education of a comparable quality up to a given level to all students irrespective of their caste, creed residence or sex. It aims at promotion of a national, a sense of common citizenship and composite culture and strengthening national integration. It lays stress on the need for a radical transformation of the education system to improve its quality at all stages and gives much greater attention to Science and Technology. All children are proposed to be provided free and compulsory education up to 14 years of age. The Directorate of Education earnestly endeavors to implement the policy. Students of the Delhi Government run schools, from Kinder Garten ( KG ) to  grade Eighth received their first worksheet on Monday. As per the Directorate of Education ( DoE ), students will receive this worksheet every day. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had announced the launch of Delhi Government’s remote teaching learning approach for the month of July owing to the closure of schools. Speaking about the initiative, Education Minister Manish Sisodia said that it is very important to engage creatively with the students on digital platforms, adding that teachers have created very engaging content.“Parents need to keep supporting the government in this initiative so that every child can learn. During this pandemic, a huge number of students and their parents have shown great interest in online learning. This has raised the confidence of the teachers who are working hard to reach out to every child,” Mr. Sisodia said.All the worksheets were shared with the students by the class teachers through Whatsapp group created at the class level. Around 4.15 lakh students have accessed the worksheets on first day. The students will be working on the worksheets and will share it with their teachers on the respective Whatsapp groups. For those students who don’t have access to Whatsapp, teachers will get the printouts of these worksheets and will hand them to their parents on a weekly basics.

Online Result 2022-23 (Click Here)


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