Art-Integrated Project for Classes I to XII and Reporting of Implementation of Art- Education and Art-Integrated Learning by Schools...

The Board, vide Circular No. Acad-05/2019 dated 18 January, 2019, mandated Learning Outcome (LO) Based Teaching-Learning process in all its affiliated schools. It was also informed that all schools must adopt and implement LOs prepared by NCERT in their annual pedagogical plans to enable all stakeholders to follow Competency Based Education (CBE). The underlying focus of CBE is attainment of each of the grade and subject appropriate LOs and demonstration and application of learning in real-life situation by the learners. CBE can be implemented only through innovative and joyful experiential pedagogies such as Art-Integrated and Sport-Integrated Learning, Storytelling, etc. which promote reflection, critical thinking, creativity, initiation, self-direction and other 21st Century Skills. All this is done to make students 21st century-ready citizens, by empowering them with the competencies to understand, analyse, evaluate, interpret and innovate various real life situations that they require to face in the world outside the classrooms or an environment beyond their schools and homes. 

The Draft National Policy of Education 2019 inter-alia states: Art-Integration is a crosscurricular pedagogical approach that utilizes various aspects and forms of art and culture as the basis for experiencing the learning of concepts across subjects. As a part of the thrust on experiential learning, art-integrated education will be embedded in classroom transactions not only for creating joyful classrooms, but also for imbibing the Indian ethos through integration of Indian art and culture in the teaching and learning process at every level. This art-integrated approach will strengthen the linkages between education and culture.

As a pedagogical initiative, CBSE has introduced Art- Integrated Learning in all its affiliated schools vide Circular No. Acad-12/2019 dated 8th March 2019. The Board has also issued Guidelines on Art-Integrated Learning vide Circular No. Acad-22/2019 dated 18.04.2019 with an aim to facilitate teachers and principals for implementing Art Integrated Learning as a pedagogical tool for experiential and joyful learning in classroom situation as well as building a joyful learning environment in the school. The Art-Integration guidelines of the Board enlists various suggestive activities, projects, assignments and lesson plans and are available at – 

PAIRING OF STATES AND UNION TERRITORIES FOR CBSE AE&AIL PROJECT WORK The following engagement matrix has been adapted from EBSB programme: 

 Jammu & Kashmir: Tamil Nadu 
 West Bengal : Ladakh
  Punjab : Andhra Pradesh
  Himachal Pradesh : Kerala
  Uttarakhand : Karnataka
  Haryana : Telangana 
 Rajasthan : Assam
  Gujarat : Chhattisgarh
  Maharashtra : Odisha
  Goa : Jharkhand 
Delhi : Sikkim 
 Madhya Pradesh : Manipur & Nagaland
  Uttar Pradesh : Arunachal Pradesh & Meghalaya
  Bihar : Tripura & Mizoram
  Chandigarh : Dadra & Nagar Haveli 
 Puducherry : Daman & Diu 
 Lakshadweep : Andaman & Nicobar

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